How To Start A Vegan Journey

Starting a vegan journey is extremely exciting. There are those who support veganism because it refrains from using animal products in any of the cuisines it creates. Abstaining for the use of animal products is associated with a philosophy that disagrees with the commodity status of animals. Many believe that if everyone was vegan, they would be much healthier and their bodies would function property. Helen Schitfer, a wellness expert, has tried many vegan dishes. Usually, if people were unaware that the items on their plate were made without animal products, it would be difficult to notice. Food science has taken such a dramatic change and now there are more dairy-free and meat-free options than there ever was. For those who are just starting their journey into veganism, here are so important things to remember. 

The first step is to take it slow. Turing vegan should not happen overnight. It’s going to be hard to cut out all dairy at once. Our bodies need time to slowly trickle off meat and dairy. They get very used to these products and sometimes breakouts occur. Also, another part of this journey is to not get discouraged. There will be several items that are vegan that doesn’t line up with one’s taste. With there being so many brands, it’s obvious that there will certainly be items a person does not like. According to many online profiles, here are some of the best brands to indulge in as a new vegan. Before the Butcher is a plant-based burger brand that is found in most of California. They have a regular burger flavor. Savory chicken flavor, rooted turkey flavor, and breakfast sausage flavor. All these are wonderfully paired with buns and additional condiments. 

Beyond Meat is one of the most popular brands. Many restaurants use this as a meat alternative and it can be flavored in any way the consumer wants. It has less fat and services more vitamins and protein than some burgers. Of course, Morning Star is one of the first plant-based companies out there. The products taste exactly like real chicken or meat which is great for children. They offer the biggest and so many other meatless alternatives. Of course, those who enjoy cheese but don’t want the dairy should try items like Daiya or Silk. Nut milk is extremely popular now that people see it basically states the same and is easier on the digestive system. Daiya has products like mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack stye=le cheese. They have dressings, sauces, pizzas, and so much more. The best place to find all these vegan goods is most likely a Whole Foods. Helen Schifter highly recommends giving these products a try. The majority of them don’t taste any different from regular, dairy-filled items. Although this journey may seem very long, once a person is completely vegan, they will never go back!

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