What a Career Coach Must do to Successfully Lead Others

Many successful career coaches have traveled the world and counseled hundreds and thousands and employees. Many have even built successful road maps that are appealing and seem realistic but the question people should ask themselves before receiving council is if the career coach walks the walk and is in a constant state of learning new and better ways for employees to achieve their career goals. 

While a successful career coach should travel, build portfolios, and persist in counseling more people for guidance, coaches should also persist in ongoing training that they apply successfully in their day-to-day life as a career coach. The problem with learning everything all at once and then never reinforcing what career coaches learned is that they are likely to forget 50-80% of what they studied. This means that over half of the information they consume is only being put to work rather than all of it. 
In the world of business where everything is constantly evolving and changing which determines the value of certain skills and job titles companies are looking for, employees who apply the knowledge that worked 10-15 years ago are most likely not going to reach their fullest potential since today is different. If a career coach is persisting in ongoing training and applying it to master their skills to become a resilient career coach that is up to date on what works and does not, career coaches will have a greater success rate for their clients. Learn more about microlearning in your organization below:

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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