What Is Debt Consolidation & How Does It Work?

Experiencing debt can be overwhelming, especially if you have more than one source of it. If you are dealing with debt coming from various areas and it is overtaking things for you, debt consolidation is something you may want to consider.

Let’s take a look at what debt consolidation is and how it works

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation happens when you take a new loan out to pay on many smaller loans, bills, or debts that you already are paying on, putting them into one payment. When you have done a debt consolidation you are essentially bringing all your debts together into a combined loan with one monthly payment, rather than having several monthly payments. 

When you are looking at debt consolidation you need to know you are essentially getting a new loan that is larger and you will be paying off the smaller loans that you have with the money that you receive from the larger one. Most people use debt consolidation loans when they have payday loans, credit card balances, and other types of bills.

Where to Get a Consolidation Loan

To get a debt consolidation loan, you would need to go where they are issued; that is either at a finance company, bank, or a credit union. There are also some repayment programs for those that are having issues paying their debts, thus successfully consolidating all debt payments that you may have.

When a Consolidation Loan is Beneficial

There are a variety of reasons why one may want to get or consider getting a debt consolidation loan. Ultimately you will have to make the decision if getting a debt consolidation loan is right for you,

Here are some of the qualities of the best debt consolidation loans

  • It helps to simplify your finances. If you are dealing with many debt payments and working to keep track of them and pay them on time every month, you will have one debt payment to keep track of.
  • It has the possibility to save you money by lowering the interest rate. This can happen by paying off a debt with high interest with a debt consolidation loan that has a lower interest rate. This may happen only if you are able to get approved for a low interest when getting a debt consolidation
  • It can make your life a lot easier due to the smaller monthly payment. If you are able to do a debt consolidation at a lower interest rate or even have a longer period of time to repay the loan, this may be a reality.
  • It can help you pay off debt you have faster. It is good to keep in mind this will only work if you are able to get a lower interest rate and keep the monthly debt payment the same as it currently is.

How Consolidation Loans Work

Knowing how a debt consolidation loan works is important when you are considering one. The company from which you receive it will provide you with funds you can use to pay off the debts that you are looking to pay off, or they will deposit the funds into your ban in question. 

You will then be indebted to that new lender, ideally at a lower rate of interest and with lower monthly payments. You’ll need a strong credit score to get that better interest rate or a willingness to provide collateral for the loan. 

It is very important to look at all of the factors above to determine if debt consolidation is both right for you and will work to better your situation.

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