What To Look For In A Baby Stroller

New parents are faced with so many decisions to make when it comes to all the gear they need for their babies. Truth be told, a lot of the gear on the market is not worth the bother. There is one thing that every baby needs, and that’s a baby stroller. Not only do you need a baby stroller, you will find that as your baby grows, you will have to buy more strollers. Every year, four million baby strollers are sold in the United States, with varying degrees of safety and easy-of-se. Most accidents involving strollers happen because of falls. Apart from falls, there are other risks to take into account as you decide what kind of stroller your baby needs. 

Buy a Stroller that Suits Your Child’s Age 

Not all strollers are made equal. Each age bracket has its own specific needs. So, when buying a stroller for your baby, you should take your baby’s age into account. 

So, if your baby cannot as yet sit up without support, your baby is better served with a lightweight or umbrella stroller. Consumer Reports indicate that you should be able to find an umbrella stroller that reclines completely, which allows your baby to ride lying down, assuming of course that your baby is harnessed for its safety. However, many such umbrella strollers are for children of ages 6 months and older. 

If you are determined to have a lightweight stroller for your baby, then you should get one which reclines fully and that can take a car. 

Some strollers have carrycots or bassinets, but you should not use it in the home. Make sure to check the user manual or the website of the stroller maker, to see if the carrycot can be used as a bassinet for use as more than a stroller. You should not put soft bedding such as blankets, pillows and quilts, in the carrycot alongside your baby, as this makes it more likely that your baby will suffocate. 

After the long ordeal of childbirth, and having probably given up a lot of physical activity in the run-up to giving birth, many new mums are really excited to get back to their regular routines. You should take note that the majority of  all-terrain and jogging strollers are not right for babies less than 6 months old. You should wait till the baby is at least a year old before getting a jogging stroller. 

For older children, you should make sure that your baby does not exceed the weight limit. The bulk of baby strollers are not suitable for babies weighing over .  

Study the Stroller’s Features

Before using the stroller, you need to be aware of all its key features. Safety is the number one concern and some strollers, such as Nuna strollers , have exceptionally high and verifiable safety features. 

Be on the lookout for the following:

  • The stroller should be able to fold and unfold.
  • You should be able to buckle and unbuckle the restraint straps.
  • You should be able to raise and lower the backrest. When your baby is in the stroller, it can be hard to raise the backrest.
  • You should be able to attach an infant car seat to the baby stroller or its frame and lock it in.

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