Why Pursuing a Second Degree is Financially Possible for Most Graduates

Earning a college degree is a big deal as it allows graduates to work in better job conditions and receive a higher income versus not having a college degree at all. Working towards a second degree that suits one’s career aspirations can distinguish them from their competition if their degree is aligned with the right kind of career. A second degree will communicate to employers that an employee can know more than just one area in his/her profession.

Despite the benefits of receiving a second degree in an area that graduates are synergetic about, it is a very pricey decision that causes many to not pursue a second degree. A recent study reported that 1 out of 5 students ran out of money for their college tuition in just the past year. Pursuing a second degree in addition to paying off previous student loan debts makes it even more challenging.

Fortunately, the CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative helps all students to afford basic needs and pay for their tuition. This organization does this by partnering with other institutions by customizing policies for student loans and SNAP programs. Students that can attend college institutions that work with the CEP Kentucky Student Success Collaborative have a greater opportunity to afford college as they pursue their second degree.

Supporting Student Basic Needs
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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