Will Fashion Recover From The Pandemic?

Power Pose or Power Outfit - Which One Is More Powerful?

Shopping online has amped up compared to the past. Being wary about online shopping has now shifted gears some. Salons have launched at home complete gel manicure sets including hand painted designs with reusable nails. Helen Lee Schifter, a fashion expert, believes trends are rising with DIY moments such as viral crocheting challenges, newspapers are adding DIY tips for readers to try a hand in making clothing and blankets. Designers have gotten on board selling easy DIY kits on the front and sold out immediately. Staying home when one is faced with the current pandemic and given the outlets to stay busy and fashionable is a smart look and awesome option. The amount of creativity going into masks that go with any outfit, any occasion and the new “IT” .Keeping one fashionable and safe during the crisis as well. Designers are now able to sell online to raise money for masks and keeping the industry afloat. Trend changes, freedom to experiment with your clothing and finding new ways to wear them from the comfort of home. Some working virtually from home can still dress up to forget the worries for a bit. Designers are even reusing materials to produce many new beautiful things, something which probably wouldn’t have been done before the pandemic. Social media has moved onto the scene with techniques on knitting, sewing so one can pass the time and empower fashion lessons for a new generation to use in the future. Fashion has changed over many years , many wars, many crisis and pandemics and now have a new collection that can be added to the timeline. No matter what it’s here to stay. Sales may be down but clothing, accessories and ways to include wardrobes have not and will surely bounce back once we get back to a normality. Recycling and reusing clothing is up more than usual. Designers can use a new outlook on making more durable clothing, sophisticated lounge wear. New fabrics for outerwear or masks to shield the wearer ,possibly having antimicrobial properties or keeping out excess heat. The opportunities are endless but can change the look and feel to broaden newer aspects of the industry. In a time of need it will succeed for the buyer and seller. Fashion is endless, pandemic means change. Just change your outlook and new apparel made for the times one is in. The downside is workers not being able to produce products in factories, shows are limited to virtually which is bringing the industry down financially. What can be done to rise above these hard times looks like it’s being done and we are just in a ever changing and evolving world through good times and bad. According to Helen Lee Schifter, designers will pull through and the wearers will continue to find new ways to change their image with the times we are given. Go retro and have some fun with puffy paint or the dye. Mix and match up wardrobe to see what can be created. Who knows what the next big design will be or could be. Masks may be here to stay so challenge ways to make them fit into every day wear and make it fit the bedazzled bags, the cowboy boots any outfit ,any wearer.             

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