Women Empowerment in Business

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Getting women to achieve their full potential by empowering them, is one of the things that is very vital in helping to fight poverty. It is especially important to take note of the fact businesses play a major role in helping to bring change that is positive to society. Because of this, helping to have women’s roles integrated by empowering them is very crucial. This is exactly why Helen Lee Schifter feels that it is important to greatly empower women in the business world. Below is an in-depth discussion on how best the latter can be done, and why it is important.

Approach that can help in boosting Women’s Empowerment in Business

There are quite a number of women who touch on very many aspects of businesses. This is especially because they tend to be very influential consumers of the services and products that are often offered by businesses. Many studies have actually shown that when the decision making-power and spending trends of women increase, then it actually gets to affect many consumer trends. The latter will therefore go a long way in having implications in different sectors such as education, healthcare, childcare as well as consumer durables. In the workforce on the other hand, it is crucial to take note of the fact that the empowerment of women is very crucial to how successful a business will end up becoming.

Different ways through which Women’s Empowerment can be Integrated in the Business World

The following are some of the things that can be done to greatly help in advancing Women’s Empowerment in Business.

1.Making Promotions for jobs that are both decent and empowering for women in each and every value chain

This is one of the very many ways that Helen Lee Schifter considers to be quite effective in helping women become more empowered in the business world. This can be done by companies especially, in a bid to create perfect business drive in a bid to provide an innovation foundation for women. This way, they are well able to ensure that women can have supply stability, a great foundation for growth and also have excellence in their operations.

2.Working hand in hand with local business in a bid to help integrate empowerment of women

Small companies that are based in developing countries should be highly encouraged to promote employment practices for women, that are responsible and that can spear-head empowerment. This can be done through practices such as gender diversity, creation of working environments that are both healthy and safe for women; and also ensuring that the working environments are free of discrimination and harassment against women.

3.Designing services and products that can help address the needs of women

Businesses have the potential of providing services and goods that can be used to help in improving the living conditions of women. This in turn helps increase their potential and mobility by helping increase their standards of living. The end product will then be an increase in the living standards of these women. The development teams and design products of the companies should thus do what it takes, to ensure that they can offer technologies and services that are beneficial to women.

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