5 reasons why every business should use Alexa for business

In late 2018, Amazon made a change with Alexa that has opened up the handy voice technology bot to a whole new range of custom.

The change allowed businesses to create Alexa ‘skills’ on top of the development platform which users can download worldwide.

Thanks to this, Amazon saw a 20% sales increase in just a few months according to Digital Authority Partners.

So if you’re part of a website development company reading this, you may just be wondering why you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Is it possible that this emerging trend genuinely has just passed you by, or are you refusing to get stuck in?

There’s a whole host of reasons why every business should (along side processing services like the North American Bancard Agent Program) use Alexa for business. Here are 5 of them.

Streamline in-house processes

The working day is getting increasingly busier. There’s more pressure put on businesses and their staff to do much more work in less time, which can lead to a decrease in workplace morale and productivity.

Using Alexa in the office can act as a huge helping hand when it comes to the small yet drawn-out tasks many of us face day-to-day.

It may be as simple as asking Alexa to check the availability of a conference room, but taking that task off your hands will give you that little extra time that you could really use.

Similarly, this use of voice technology is proving helpful in the world of healthcare. Hospitals are now using Alexa to improve patient care and the efficiency of staff, introducing Alexa to the simplest of tasks for patients which, usually, a nurse would have to do.

Actions as simple as turning the TV on or off and calling for a nurse can be made easy with the technology, allowing hospitals to make better use of staff time.

Keep track of employees

For some, workplace diaries simply do not work. Whether that’s because employees forget to check them or simply don’t want to, it can make for an unorganized and demotivated environment.

With Alexa, a to-do list can be set up for each individual which helps to keep an eye on time management, and reminders can be given to staff in relation to this list.

This gives staff a much more regimented daily schedule that will push them through the day in a bid to tick off everything on their list.

Staff will immediately see the benefits of a workplace diary, and may even look to implement a schedule more often!

This can also be integrated with applications such as Gmail and Office 365, along with iCloud and Google Calendar.

Alexa can also make it much easier to access corporate systems by simply setting up voice activation – removing the drawn-out log in process and giving back a little more time back to busy employees.

Make meetings easier

Alexa can do a whole lot more than simply book conference rooms. The handy bot can also allow staff to set up, host and dial into conference calls.

This is not only brilliant for keeping meetings simple and hassle-free but also means that whether your staff is working in-house or 200 miles away, they can still join in with those all important meetings.

Using Alexa takes away the mundane wait of dialing into a call, and means you’ll never miss a meeting thanks to handy reminders.

This isn’t just for voice calls, either – Alexa can turn on all equipment needed for a video conference on command after syncing with a workplace calendar. It might seem like the lazy way around things, but staff with busy daily routines will be grateful to have a sometimes complicated job taken off their hands.

Improves marketing

Data collected by Amazon’s Alexa is great for marketing purposes. Data-driven marketing allows businesses to tailor advertisements towards users who are most interested in the product or pick a particular group it would like to market towards.

According to Combo App the ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing has long gone and now, businesses can use data to produce personalized advertisements based on each individual customer, that can reach them anywhere from browsing emails to scrolling through social media.

Data from Alexa can be used to understand the content an audience is looking for and use these insights to boost returns on ad campaigns.

Essentially, if your business is looking to optimize ads, using data to personally target your audience is the best way to go.

Easy management

With Alexa for Business, an easy to use dashboard can be set up to show every employee using the technology. The command center makes it easy to see each individual’s use of Alexa to monitor efficiency.

It’s also pretty easy to add and remove employees as they come and go, meaning it isn’t adding too much to your already busy working routine.

The bottom line

If your business isn’t already using Alexa, you’re missing out on a whole lot of ways to make your business more efficient, staff happier, marketing more tailored and overall, to make more money.

Alexa takes daily, mundane tasks and makes them easier and quicker to get through. The technology even enables you to join conference calls without moving from your desk.

If you’re looking to vamp up your offices and give your staff an invaluable piece of kit, this is it.

You’ll quickly see staff become more productive, and if you’re pretty laid back. Alexa can bring some friendly competition and even entertainment to staff who may have particularly long and boring days to get through.

Although it’s going to cost you to get set up, the positives of the Alexa will easily make your money back. Less time trying to book conference rooms and order stationary allows for more time for the real, solid work that makes your company so successful.

This guest post comes from Codrin Arsene @ Digital Authority Partners

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