5 Tips for Women Travelling Solo

Travelling alone as a woman can be a daunting prospect, but even if you haven’t travelled solo before, it can be a great experience. When you travel solo, safety and comfort are key, so here are a few trips for women who’re planning a trip on their own, whether it’s for business or for fun.

  1. Check out local COVID guidelines

COVID has made travel much more complicated, although it is still possible to fly to different countries, you just need to make sure you know the requirements before you land so you can be well prepared. You should look for hotels you can quarantine in Bangkok before you travel, so you have a room waiting for you when you land, and be sure to keep an eye on the local news at your destination for any changes or updates.

  • Make sure you have the right insurance

The right insurance is important for every traveller, but even more so when you’re a woman travelling alone, as you’ll need to be protected should a difficult situation arise. Whether it’s travel or medical insurance, or car insurance for women, you should make sure you have a relevant product that gives you enough cover in case of an emergency.

  • Do your research on your destination

When you’re going somewhere new, as a solo female traveller, you should make sure you do your research and identify any areas where you may need to take precautions. You can do this by:

  • Reading articles about your destination
  • Looking up local crime statistics – are certain areas unsafe at night? Many tourist areas have issues with minor crimes such as pickpocketing
  • Making sure you know which forms of transport are safe – i.e. do you need to avoid buses and trains? Are there problems with unlicenced taxis?

Being forewarned about certain issues can help you stay safe and makes you feel more confident when you reach a new destination, as you’ll know how to avoid common pitfalls.

  • Take care of your health

Any traveller would be wise to read up on potential health risks before they travel, and if you’re alone you’ll need to be especially careful. Nobody wants to be stuck in a foreign country when ill, without having a loved one to take care of you. You should read up on health risks when travelling, especially those specific to your destination. Call your doctor and check whether vaccinations are needed for the area you’re visiting, making sure you have them in plenty of time before you depart.

  • Meet with other solo travellers

One of the best ways to stay safe as a solo female traveller is to meet up with other women who are visiting an area alone. Visiting somewhere new with a likeminded friend can help keep you safe, and it can make your trip much more fun too.

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting a certain area, or wanted to try something new, don’t put off your trip just because you’re on your own. Women can travel alone safely, but you need to take extra precautions to ensure a safe trip.

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