All About Using American Nautical Services

American Nautical Services, also, is a nautical chart agent family-owned business in South Florida. They are known around the world and ship their products worldwide. The company was founded in 1977 and they have dedicated their time to safe navigation, maritime training, and compliance for all clients.

They also offer on-site training and educational classes at their store. The company is ranked as one of the top American IMO Publishing distributors and carry all publications in English, as well as some in Spanish. They are also contracted to supply maritime publications and nautical charts to the Federal Government.


SPICA is one of the most well-known e-navigation solutions sold by the company. It is an advanced marine software solution that gives vessels, engineers, consultants, and shipping companies a simple yet efficient way to plan the routes. The software provides control of every voyage with passage monitoring, planning, analysis, and communication abilities.

SPICA also has a pay as you sail option that allows you to have access to different charts needed to plan routes and only pay for the charts that you use. Any charts that you view but don’t use will not be charged for. 


AVCS (Admiralty Vector Chart Service) gives crews the ability to navigate using electronic chart display and information systems for their entire route. You will be able to see ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts) that cover the waters of United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Malacca Strait, Vietnam, Taiwan, and more than 2,900 other ports.

Cruising Guides

When a cruising company is planning out their voyage, they will usually use a cruising guide. A cruising guide will give the crew recommendations on which paths to take, navigational hazards they might run into, and any other obstacles they should be aware of. 

The crews will be able to see nautical charts, color pictures, and information about how to navigate the waters successfully. There will also be information about each port and what there is to do there. Cruising guides provide information like restaurants, hotels, and attractions available to cruisers.

IMDG Code E-Learning

In addition to the learning opportunities at their store, American Nautical Services also offers online learning for IMDG coding. IMDG code training is a mandatory learning for all staff that is shore-side in dangerous goods transport by sea. This cost-effective course offers quality training that is up to the International Maritime Organization standards. 

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