Books for Mom’s, and Kids, Reading list

As a Mom I am constantly on the look out for new books for my kids. Fostering my children’s love for books is a top priority for me. But here’s the thing, the best way to encourage reading, is to read myself and model good behavior. So, while I’m on the lookout for books my kids will be interested, I’m also looking for books I’m interested in as well.  

I’ve found several up-and-coming books for children of all ages, these books are either just released, or releasing soon, that I think your kids will love. I’ve also found a few gems for you; books Moms might love. So, order a few books, cozy up on the couch, and you and your kids can spend some quality time reading together.

For the Kids:

Fairy Knights: Tricks N’ Trees by Dames Handsome

This series is a fun mystery read for your young middle schooler. The books have adorable illustrations and fun premises. The latest book was just released, so grab the series now!

The Fairy Village is under the threat of an obnoxious orange monster. Enter Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Hamster Rick, aka The Fairy Knights, to the rescue.

Grab the series now, make sure you get the latest book as well!

Project Adventure Series by David Konrad

This 4 book box set is releasing on Amazon soon, pre-order it now for your middle schooler. The adventure awaits. Written by a Dad and a favorite for my kids.

The Project Adventure Series by David Konrad include stories of kids who overcome difficult situations to help others. These courageous kids are likely to carve a special place in the heart of little ones.

The special four-book Project Adventure box makes for a perfect holiday book gift set. Pre-order the book set on Amazon today.

Plague of Flies by Laurel Anne Hill

Young Adult readers love Laurel Anne Hill, the author of award winning Engine Woman’s Light. She’s come out with her latest novel, Plague of Flies, for fantasy historical fiction lovers.

Plague of Flies is a historical fantasy that takes you to 1846 Alta, California. It’s a time in the life of Catalina Delgado where fate takes a hand in a dramatic turn of events.

Will sixteen-year-old Catalina succeed in protecting those she loves? This book is wonderful for young women who like adventure, mystery and fantasy, Order now.

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles by Steven Joseph

For the little kids, author Steven Joseph comes out with his second childrens book. After fans raved about Tyranocrakisours Rex, Steven got to work on Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles. The hilarious and award-winning author Steven Joseph packs the best emotions, flavors, and tastes your kids will devourer. For more updates, visit Steven Joseph’s official website.

The Sweetest Ladybird by Isabel Cintra

A children’s book you’ll love reading, with a wonderfully inclusive message and adorable illustrations.

Award-winning Swedish author Isabel Cintra will soon release her next children’s folk tale called The Sweetest Ladybird. Experience an imaginative world of Johanna that is not too distant from her real life. Get ready to discover all the mysteries and beauties that are tucked away in her beautiful garden. Learn more about the book on Isabel Cintra’s website.

For Mom

Always a Princess by Clyve Rose

Ok, if you’re anything like me, a guilty pleasure is a good romance novel. After watching Briderton, and finding a new love for historically accurate fiction romance, I’ve fallen head over heals for Clyve Rose’s work.

Always a Princess by Clyve Rose is a cloak-and-dagger love story between a Romany princess and an Englishman from the Regency era. The details, imagery, and characters are incredible, this is a Mom’s book club must read.

If you ask me, it’s worth finding out if there’s a happy ending to the story (and yours). Grab your copy today.

A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn by David Ruggerio

I have picky eaters, like super picky, one of the only things everyone can agree on is, ofcourse, pasta. So I am always on the lookout for ways to make pasta dishes the kids will love as much as me. David Ruggerio amazes with the fanciest Italian recipes anyone, even an inexperienced cook, can make and an entire family will love every single bite. I promise, no whining for mac n’ cheese after they get a bite of these dishes.

A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn, contains 135 recipes, luscious prints of some of David’s most sort-after dishes, and a close-to-his heart narrative of special moments that led to his rise to fame.

I know your kids, husband, and anyone else that taste your cooking will love these Italian American dishes and a dash of Brooklyn’s flavor. Get your copy today.

Babe in the Woods by Yvonne Wakefield

With the pandemic still lingering, I’ve often thought about what it would be like to pack up, take the kids, and hunker down in the woods, anyone else? Just me? I think that’s why I loved Yvonne Wakefields two books about her experience building her own cabin in the woods and living without the worlds modern amenities.

The newest book in the series, The Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait by Yvonne Wakefield explores a four-decades-long journey through life in the wilderness. In this second book from the series, Yvonne talks about cabin life, the community, and discovering oneself.

Grab both books by Yvonne, maybe it’s not time to leave it all behind, but a girl can dream.  Grab your copy today.

Our African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum

My list is not all recipes and fantasies, for those who really want a new perspective on life, history, and evolution I highly recommend Our African Unconscious.

Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology by Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum discusses the innate common identity connecting us with a primordial African unconscious.

If you want to uncover the merely superficial differences between us as species, order a copy of this book now.

The Path 365 by Suzie Newell

Ok moms, this is THE book to read to find balance and peace. All Moms need to have this on their bookshelf. It’s coming out soon, stay informed and make sure you grab a copy asap.

The daily guide for ladies and mothers, witches, and others, The Path 365 by Suzie Newell is a no-nonsense direction book to help you balance compassion and work. This well-researched book contains a down-to-earth approach to help manage challenges, reclaim health, and evolve. For more information, visit The Path 365 website now.

Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor

For the action loving Mom who wants to get lost in a book, and end up reading through the night. Those Who Hunt Wolves is coming out soon.

What happens when technological espionage holds the fate of our nation? Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor is an action-packed thriller you don’t want to miss. Witness the line of loyalty blur as the political conspiracy and international crisis pose an unsurmountable challenge for the top-secret group formed to protect humanity. Visit Harrison Taylor’s website for more.

Paid to Be Perfect by Heather Mathes

I love inspiring books by other Mom’s who just get it, we all come in different shapes, sizes and bodies. This book really brings it home that you need to feel best in your body’s natural state.

Heather Mathes worked as a professional model for ten years before taking a hiatus to become a mom. When she returned to modeling, she measured the same as she did in her twenties, not because she was under contract. To develop the health and wellness methods and to keep your weight from fluctuating, check out her upcoming book Paid to Be Perfect.

Stay in the loop and check out author Heather Mathes website.

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