Do Private Instagram Accounts get More Followers?

One of the emerging trends in Instagram has been that more and more accounts are going private. They have millions of followers but still, they are preferring to hide the content from the followers across the world. Let us look at the reasons if private accounts tend to get more followers.

Huge meme accounts are following the trend of going private. You would have also experienced the same at some point in time. Example, one of your friends share the post from a meme account through direct message but you are not able to see it. Then you are forced to follow the account to check the content.

When showcasing the feed and content is all about showcasing your products or content, then why big names on Instagram are hiding their profiles.

Private Accounts Get More Followers

This is the big reason and definitely the most important one. According to various accounts, hiding their profile and making it private, attracts new followers. The basic idea behind this is that when one of the friends sends you to post from these accounts; you are bound to follow them. It makes it easier for brands and companies to get new followers. If your account is public, then they could move on without following your account. Media Mister is a management platform for social media. For more details, Media Mister is reviewed here.

Also, if a follower lands on your private account and sees a lot of followers, then it generates curiosity amongst the followers and they are more likely to hit the like button.

Helps in Retention of the Followers

The second most important reason for the private mode is that it refrains your followers from hitting the unfollow button. Unfollowing a public account is easy as it allows you to follow it anytime. But unfollowing a private account sends you a reminder if you really want to unfollow the account because following again would be re-requesting the account owner to accept.

Protection of Content

It becomes really important for you to protect your content and making your account private adds extra security. There isa large number of competitors emerging on Instagram and keep the content unique is a big task at hand. It is really difficult to stop the stealing of content completely but definitely, you can control it to a great extent.

Avoid Being Reported

Instagram has made it its policies and terms stricter for the accounts and those who don’t follow it are banned from the Instagram platform. You can make your account private and prevent from being reported by the people who don’t follow you. Most of the big accounts, for example, those sharing memes use this strategy to prevent the offended people from reporting.

Except for a few accounts, the strategy to make your account can be detrimental except for the strategies mentioned above. Keeping your account public is the best and you should look for better ways to buy Instagram followers.

So, it is a good debate if you need to keep your account private or public. It all depends on the type of content and strategy that you have implemented on the platform. Remember that your followers are people specifically interested in your stories/ideas, and are generated by your advertising strategy, whichever one you apply. A lot like geo-targeting through Pay-Per-Click ads set up by a professional PPC Agency which work like shooting fish in the barrel.

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