Helen Lee Schifter’s Take On Mental Wellness

In the current age of social media, online communication, and lack of in-person tact, it can be easy for peoples’ mental health to be worrisome. According to PR Newswire, Many families have been separated longer than they ever have before due to the pandemic. With loved ones being stuck overseas and grandparents living in constant fear from COVID-19, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That being said, that is why wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter so highly recommend participating in Mental Health Month. This occurs every May and it is an undoubtedly amazing cause to help people get their mental health back in shape. Schifter has known so many loved ones who struggled with their mental wellbeing. Of course, after seeing specialists and professionals, they got the help they needed. However, Schifter was also a resource because of her Zen Buddist practices and mindfulness routines. Her deduction to living a minimalist and peaceful lifestyle has extremely benefited her mental wellbeing. She highly recommends meditation and self-reflection as a way to practice better mental health. FOr people like Schifter, the growth and development of one’s self-image start from within. Not a lot can be accomplished if the mindset of a person does not allow them to be proactive and achieve great results. 

That is why Mental Health Month is so important to Schifter. Mental Health America has been leading this month through local events, screening, and throughout the media since 1949. So many people have futon the help they need or the support they’ve always wanted by participating in this call to action. This past year, Mental Health Month really struggled to get their messages across given the COVID-19 outbreak. This devastating virus made it very difficult to calm people down and for them to use the resources professional offer during the month of May. The theme was Tools2Thrive, and although not as many people took action given the climate of the world, there is always next year. Schifter highly recommends checking out the Mental Health America webpage for anyone struggling or interested in helping out. For Schifter, sharing the resources this website offers with those in her own life has been extremely life-changing. The modules that are posted on their website encourage individuals to own their feelings, find the positives, eliminate toxic influences, create healthy routines, and connect with others. Although in-person contact is limited because of the pandemic, Schifter urges people to connect over Zoom or Facetime, to ensure lasting connections and relationships. 

Furthermore, sometimes, taking a break from the online world is also who people need. Schifter has stated on Elle Decor that having a minimalist point of view has really helped her eliminate the nonsense in her life. By removing aspects of her life that were cluttering her mental health, how she viewed herself and others, and so much more, she was reunited with a more calm outlook on life. With people all around the world not taking into account how important mental health awareness is, there is a lack of assistance and communication on the subject. Helen Lee Schifter wants to close that gap and help people be more open about their feelings. 

It may seem difficult to do so at first, but it is highly critical if people want to be successful in maintaining their health. Mental health plays such an important role in everyone’s life. Especially during the pandemic, please check on people in your family, friend groups, and even co-workers. Never assume what they are going through, always ask and ensure their feelings are valid. The more awareness mental wellness reeves, the better chance there is at reaching wider audiences, all over the world. 

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