Lessons from ‘Ascendant’ by Susy Smith

International author Susy Smith is eagerly anticipated to unveil her highly anticipated second dystopian novel, “Ascendant,” which serves as the captivating continuation of her thought-provoking “The Asylum Book Series” published by Babylon Books. “Ascendant” delves deeper into the enthralling narrative of valiant protagonists Lacy and Jace, as they embark on a treacherous journey brimming with danger and adversity, striving to safeguard one another from the clutches of a power-hungry U.S. Senator. This riveting tale unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world, scarred by the catastrophic aftermath of the Big Crash, where societal apprehension, martial law, and financial instability cast a looming shadow over its inhabitants. Amidst the grim dystopian backdrop, Lacy and Jace must confront an even graver peril in the form of Senator Thomas Monroe, whose ulterior motives drive him to relentlessly pursue their separation for personal gain. With the odds stacked against them, readers will be enthralled to discover whether the senator’s cunning schemes will triumph, tearing the inseparable lovers apart in this enthralling installment of Smith’s gripping series.

Here are a few valuable lessons we can learn from “Ascendant” without giving away any spoilers:

Lesson 1: The Abuse of Power for Self-Gain

As the famous quote goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Power is a coveted aspiration for many, earned through years of hard work or granted as a privilege. It embodies authority and control, attracting individuals with its allure. However, power can be a double-edged sword. Some in positions of authority, leaders, and those with great power, exploit it for their personal benefit. This harsh reality highlights the importance of entrusting power to responsible individuals who use it for the greater good.

Lesson 2: The Vulnerability to Manipulation

Linked to the previous point, certain individuals are susceptible to manipulation by those with immense power. While it is customary to follow orders from superiors, humans possess the capacity to say no, especially when faced with moral dilemmas. Nevertheless, even individuals with strong moral compasses can be easily controlled and manipulated, particularly when the stakes involve their own lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Lesson 3: The Power to Create Change

Despite the cruel nature of the world portrayed in “Ascendant,” one can still choose a path of integrity, honesty, and peace. In a society where power is often abused to manipulate others, there is still the potential to rise above and effect significant change. Historical examples of reforms and revolutions demonstrate the power of people standing up for what they believe in. “Ascendant” teaches us that we can ascend from those who seek to control and bring us down, forging our own destinies.

As “Ascendant” prepares to release this August to rave reviews, readers can delve into its pages to discover these lessons firsthand.

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