Office Décor Tips

Office Décor Tips

Shalom Lamm, the New York real estate developer primarily works from home now, but when he does go to the office, he definitely wants a peaceful work environment.

When they were young, entrepreneurs like ]Lamm would be happy with a metal chair, a rickety old card table, and a telephone. But as they age, entrepreneurs quickly learn that they get much more out of their employees if their work environment is pleasant.

And while employees don’t expect exotic desks hand-carved out of mahogany, a $5,000 Vita Grand Executive high back chair, nor a $140 million dollar Jackson Pollock painting on the wall behind their desk, there are a few things that make a huge difference in office decor.

  • 1. Stand up, adjustable desks

    No office piece of office decor may be more important than a stand-up desk. Stand-up desks, even if they are used for even an hour per day, can significantly boost the energy of your employees and offer a great many health benefits.

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  • 2. Consider using your office space as a showcase for local artists

    While employees don’t expect multi-million dollar pieces of art in their workplace, there are many starving but talented artists who would give their right eye to have
    their work displayed prominently in a local business.

    With diverse but tasteful art, you create a showcase work environment and a great place to meet clients.
  • Consider different rugs to outline different areas of your office.

    Rugs are not really that expensive, and if you buy several to distinguish different parts of your office, you make a statement relatively quickly.
  • 3. Be creative with dividers

    Most businesses buy the cheapest, generic dividers, making the office look industrial at best.

    Buy glass dividers with frosted glass patterns if you really want to liven your office up.
  • 4. Make your office space livable with plants

    Go to the finest shopping malls and you will most likely find rest areas with living
    plants and trees.

    Don’t divorce your employees from the living world outdoors. Decorate with plants.
  • 5. Rest areas built into the office

    Don’t hide your rest areas. For example, if you have 10 employees, separated by 5 glass dividers, outside the divider should be a small, 2-person couch.

    Shalom Lamm believes that this allows supervisors and subordinates to talk to one another by going to the supervisor’s office and allows employees to take mini-breaks.
  • 6. Splurge on the restrooms

    Restrooms should look inviting for both men and women, and have no resemblance to
    the restroom at a local gas station.

7. Make the break room truly a break room

This is the place to have a space-age coffee machine, some really nice furniture, and
plenty of diversions. The nicer your break room looks, the more relaxed your employees will be after they come back from work.

And if you have the room for it, have a separate room for eating, complete with a refrigerator and several microwaves.

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