Things you Need to Know About Traveling to the US

There is no place like the United States of America, with its historic cities and welcoming people, diversified landscapes, and below-average airport security. It’s no surprise that the United States of America is one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. However, the United States and its culture can be scary to a first-time visitor, so here are a few things to know before your visit to help with culture shock!

Each state is like its own country

You’ll note that things alter from state to state, whether it’s the terrain, climate, food, terminology, personality, or even dress style! People from New York City, for example, are notorious for always being in a hurry, and the city itself is known as the fashion hub of the United States, whereas in California, people are more relaxed, wearing flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Even the laws range from one state to the next. Just because something is legal in one state does not mean it is legal in another!

Driving differences

The United States is a country that drives on the right side of the road! Unless otherwise instructed, two-way traffic must stay on either the left or right side of the road. This is sometimes referred to as the “Rule of the Road.” It improves traffic flow and reduces accidents. You may need to get an international drivers permit to drive here if you are from out of country so check here to order IDP if needed.

If you’re driving on a motorway or highway, stay in the right lane until you’re passing another vehicle. There are frequent signs reminding you of this. However, keep in mind that on Interstate routes, the right lane within an urban area is occasionally reserved just for leaving the Interstate.

In the United States, road signs typically use symbols rather than words to share information with drivers, regardless of language differences. Each sign’s color and shape typically exhibit the type of information it delivers. To ensure your wellbeing when driving in the United States, become familiar with traffic sign symbols.

Tipping is customary

Tipping is ostensibly voluntary, but because servers are paid a low minimum wage it is assumed that their tips will cover the difference. As a result, tipping is almost necessary, if not an unofficial mandate! When dining out, a tip between 15 to 20% is common. Before leaving a tip, make sure it wasn’t previously included in the bill, especially if you’re dining with a group of six or more individuals.

Insurance notes

Although travel insurance is essential for any international trip, it is especially important when visiting the United States. The country’s healthcare system is so pricey that you’ll worry if you really need medical attention or if you can wait it out. To be safe, it may be prudent to purchase travel insurance and carry a printed copy with you on your travels.


America is a one-of-a-kind vacation location. The country has a diversified environment and historic cities that will keep travelers amused for weeks. When planning a trip to the United States, keep these helpful hints in mind to make the most of your stay there.

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