The Science of Staying on Task and Focus

Focus has the power to improve one’s life in several ways. However, many Americans suffer every day with constant distractions and a wandering mind. In today’s daily life, we are constantly bombarded with demands for our attention, with digital distractions being the main culprit. With constant interruptions in the form of notifications and calls, we are interfering with our body’s natural rhythm more than we realize. 

Our busy environments have made way for impaired focus, reduced brain functioning, and a shortened attention span. It is for these reasons that 42% of millennials have resorted to energy foods and drinks to regain focus. However, although users will claim numerous benefits, the world simply doesn’t need more caffeine.

Increased alertness, elevated mood, and aerobic endurance are all short term and non sustainable side effects of the most popular caffeinated drinks. In reality, caffeine provides energy, not focus, and may even be linked to long-term health concerns. Scientists studying cognitive enhancement much more often suggest the use of alternative and more natural methods to increase focus. Biohacking and nootropics are only two of the many healthier and safer ways to boost brain health and function.
It is vital, especially in today’s society, to care about brain health. Taking the step to prioritize this will allow one to sleep better, work more efficiently, and live well in all aspects of life. Learn more about game changing focus drinks below:

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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