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Bill Phillips

The Womens Conference

How He Empowers Others

New York Times bestselling author, magazine publisher, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, inventor, self-made multimillionaire, motivator, Bill Phillips has thus far proved unstoppable. Now, he has his sights set on scaling what he calls the "Mt. Everest of health and energy goals: Transform America from worst to first-to make it the healthiest nation in the world within 10 years."

Described recently by Outside magazine as "the most successful fitness author of all time," Phillips' runaway bestseller Body-for-LIFE has sold in excess of 6 million copies. The 12-week guide to achieving mental and physical strength has topped the charts in 11 different countries-including the U.S., England, Japan, Australia, Greece and Finland-and was, in 2004, named among the Top 15 bestselling books of the past decade by USA Today. Phillips' book, Eating for Life, helps people improve their health by learning to enrich their daily nutrition. And available in the Spring of 2008 is BILL PHILLIPS' TRANSFORMATION: A Guide to Physical and Spiritual Fitness.

Phillips has been asked to share his expert advice and insight for publications such as USA Today, Modern Maturity, Woman's World, the L.A. Times, and for television programs including NBC's Today Show, CBS' The Early Show, Montel Williams, CNN and Fox News.

Phillips has received many honors for his work including the Make-A-Wish Foundation's® highest award. He was also honored by Paul Newman and the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., as one of America's most generous business leaders. The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce honored Phillips in January 2000 as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans. Bill was also chosen to help carry the Olympic torch on its relay across America for the 2002 Olympic Games.

Over the years, Phillips has served as a "Transformation Coach" to a who's who list of Hollywood icons and world champion athletes, including Jerry Seinfeld, Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore and John Elway. But what he is most proud of is helping hundreds of thousands of "ordinary" men and women transform into extraordinary and inspiring examples for others to look up to and follow. People who have made a change in their lives and are now making a difference in the lives of others.