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WE Act
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Violence Against Women

WeAct is a concentrated group effort to stamp out the ugly and immoral mindset that still defies the laws and feelings of men and women of goodwill and understanding worldwide.

Because of their unique and oftentimes vulnerable position in many modern societies, women have been the prime target of brutality and persecution, under the guise of ‘cultural norms.’ But WeAct is ready to fight and destroy such ‘cultural norms’ as child brides, female circumcision, unequal pay and unequal rights to vote and to work where and when they please. The incidence of rape in Third World countries continues to mount, as guerrilla bands of resistance fighters and terrorists sweep down on unprotected and innocent communities to kidnap and ravish women and girls. All in the name of a religious creed or political organization!

WeAct is working with the United Nations and the American State Department to make sure that current laws protecting women are enforced worldwide. You can help by insisting your representative in Congress is fully aware of the challenges women still face, and is committed to helping them overcome them.