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The young women of today are ready, willing, and able to absorb the benefits of a college education and to show their employers just how valuable they can be in any discipline, from math and technology to education to administration and finance. With a college degree, women on average are earning up to 54 percent more than those with just a high school education.

That means that women’s organizations throughout the country, and throughout the world, are working like never before to see that girls are encouraged to reach their full potential while still in high school — that they are counseled and encouraged to think of themselves as the equal to any boy in any kind of learning, from hard sciences to sports. A special category of women’s sports scholarships is now opening doors to young women to receive college education that did not exist before — and the results so fare have been so astonishing that colleges and universities are scrambling to convert their alumni into generous contributors.

Women are doing it all, and that’s because as young girls they’re learning that they can shatter any glass ceiling they encounter with enough hard work, patience, and intelligence.