Ideas to Promote Employee Bonding

Break Through the Struggles of Employee Bonding

Bonding with other employees within the workplace can be daunting to some. This could be because they fare better from working alone or because they have had issues working with others in the past. This is a common issue that employers find in new employees. Because of this it can be difficult to increase employee bonding within the workplace.

With these specific issues, Shalom Lamm, the CEO of Operation Benjamin, suggests allowing all individuals to present their ideas on employee bonding. This is beneficial to the group of employees because everyone can express what they are comfortable with, what they feel would assist them in creating a bond with others and what they would not be comfortable with throughout the process. Once all ideas are presented to the group, all individuals should work together as a team to select the best possible options. Go through each option and ask specific questions. Which options are a deal-breaker? Which options seem doable for the employees and are able to be accommodated by the company? Are there any individuals who still have hesitation?

Being transparent about the process of bonding with all employees will allow a smoother process to transpire. Employees are happier within their job roles when they feel they have a voice with the process. The same effect can come from having a voice when promoting employee bonding practices. An understanding of empathy can go a long way throughout this process as well. Empathy is the act of not only knowing the issue at hand but understanding it has a human being. Empathy is a powerful tool within the workplace that can allow employees to see things through the eyes of others. When applying empathy to the employee bonding process, the individuals involved can understand the thought process of others and make small transitions to mesh together and bond.

Shalom Lamm also suggests seeing all employees as equal. When we do not put ourselves in the position to be better or worse than someone else within the workplace, the ideas and opinions that are presented are taken in and equally evaluated. Trying to bond with another employee can be difficult if you feel you are above or beneath them. Reminding oneself that all individuals are equal within the workplace can allow for open and transparent communication.

Communication is key in any relationship. Although we normally do not consider our co-workers as people we have relationships with, the truth remains that any interaction that one has with someone else on a consistent basis is considered a relationship. Hence the term, working relationship.Just like any other relationship, all individuals involved must communicate about their wants and needs on a consistent basis. When attempting to bond with others within the workplace, you are creating a relationship. Advise what your concerns are, what you are looking forward to and what you wish to gain from the bonding experience. Once the employees have gained a working communication system, the bonding experience will continue to flourish.

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