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"Every era has its defining struggles and the fate of Africa is one of ours. Africa is this generation’s proving ground for whether we truly believe in the concept of equality, or not…Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die."

How He Empowers Others

The lead singer of Irish rock band U2, Bono is a well know campaigner against AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa. In 2002, he and Bobby Shriver co-founded DATA (debt, AIDS, trade, Africa) to raise awareness of the issues in its name and influence government policy on Africa. In 2004, to that same end, they helped to start the ONE Campaign, now 2.5 million members strong, which later joined with DATA to form a new organization also called ONE. Bono and Shriver also founded (RED) to deliver corporate profits to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. With his wife Ali, Bono started Edun, an ethical fashion company which makes clothes in Africa and other developing regions. 

ONE Campaign

Celebrate, Accelerate

At the Sept. 25 UN Summit, we had a chance to show a short video to a group of world leaders at the Secretary General's reception. The film - Celebrate, Accelerate - marks the progress on the Millennium Development Goals to date and encourage further, faster commitment going forward. 

ONE Vote '08

ONE Vote '08 launch videoFeatures Matt Damon, Bono, Sen. Bill Frist, Sen. Tom Daschle, Don Cheadle, Alfre Woodard, Tom Brady, Rick Warren.ONE Campaign extreme poverty global disease Africa saving lives securing our future.