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Geena Davis

The Womens Conference

How She Empowers Others

Whether motivating audiences with her passionate message of why gender equity is empowering for both men and women, encouraging them to stand up for Title IX legislation prohibiting gender discrimination in educational institutions, or urging them to aim high in their personal and professional lives, Geena Davis is a powerful speaker whose appearances never fail to enlighten, entertain and inspire.

Few have achieved such remarkable success in as many different fields as Geena has. An Oscar and Golden Globe winning actor, world-class athlete (at one time the nation’s 13th-ranked archer), skilled musician, and successful film producer, Geena is one of the most respected women in Hollywood. As a passionate supporter of girls and women, Geena has founded The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, focused on dramatically increasing the percentage of female characters – and reducing gender stereotyping – in movies, TV and other media aimed at kids 11 and under.  She also spearheads, which champions Title IX legislation and girls’ participation in sports.