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By Carrie Lacy

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Carrie Lacy did, and she’s now working towards that dream with the help of Ariane de Bonvoisin – CEO and founder of First30Days, which guides people through times of change – and particularly, through starting their own businesses.

In this blog post, Ariane poses questions to help Carrie – and you -- focus and build the foundation of a business.

I first learned of Ariane de Bonvoisin at The Women’s Conference last year.  I was attending her seminar and was extremely impressed. The energy she had permeated the room and gave me strength.  At the end of the session they announced that she was having a contest to help one person start their dream business; all you had to do was write in with your idea.  I wrote in not expecting much in return, and suddenly received an answer that I had been selected.  A dream come true...

What was my business idea? When both my parents became severely ill, my six sisters and I joined forces to share caretaking responsibilities. But even with all of us splitting the duties, we were tapped out – we needed assistance – but it was just too expensive. I kept thinking, Is there anyone we can call to check up on my parents, or drive them to a doctor’s visit, or get them some food from the store - ? There wasn’t.

Knowing how hard it is to provide care without assistance, I want to start a business called Take A Break With Care.  It would help anyone and any age group – from caring for a child home sick to helping an elderly person with buying groceries.  I believe so many people need help on a daily basis.  Most companies that offer this assistance have high costs and contracts, making it impossible for the average family to use them. I know there is a real need for my business concept.

After my first phone session with Ariane, she sent me these questions. Answering them is the critical first step in formalizing your business strategy:

  1. Why must you get this business up and running?
  2. What are your biggest strengths/gifts/what you think you have to offer?
  3. What are your biggest excuses/stories/disempowering beliefs?
  4. Are there any steps, big or small that you've taken so far – whether it’s an action or thinking or research?
  5. Is there anyone else involved? Even in a small way?
  6. What in your mind will make this successful? What needs to happen?
  7. What are the first few things that need to get done?

Carrie Lacy has been married for 36 years and has two children, Kimber Lee age 34 and Christopher Lee age 28, and three grandkids, Andrew 15, Derek 10 and Mia Bella 3.  She works part time and enjoys anything to do with people and outdoor activities.

Ariane de Bonvoisin is the CEO and founder of, a New York City-based media company focused on all types of life changes, and the author of The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier. She holds degrees from London School of Economics and an MBA from Stanford. You can email her at Her new website is

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