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Health Net

How WE Empower Others

Health Net’s philanthropic efforts focus on improving the health of those in underserved communities where we do business.  We foster the development of programs that enhance health care access and promote health education.  By encouraging health and wellness in every stage of life, we strive to support the company’s mission to help people be healthy, secure and comfortable.

For the past three years, Health Net has been a proud sponsor of the Women’s Conference.  Statistics show that women are the primary decision makers regarding most of the health care for their families.  Often these decisions are difficult because there is little time to make them or too much information to fully understand. By helping to empower women in making their health care decisions, we strive to help them make the right choices for themselves and their families.  
Additionally, we understand the challenges women face because 73 percent of our workforce is female.

Our commitment does not end with the conclusion of the conference. Through our philanthropy, health education efforts and our Decision Power technology, we will continue to empower our members to make smart health care decisions.

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