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Jake Steinfeld

The Womens Conference

How He Empowers Others

Jake Steinfeld is one of the fitness industry’s reigning icons, responsible for creating the personal fitness training industry over 30 years ago. A street-smart entrepreneur, he continues to develop successful products, brands, and businesses as Chairman and CEO of Body by Jake Globa

Jake is revolutionizing the training industry for the digital age with the creation of Global Fitness Media® the entity behind web platforms FitOrbit® and Good Food Near You®.

Another multi-media innovation of Jake’s was the launch of ExerciseTV®, the first fitness on-demand television network, with partners Comcast®, New Balance®, and Time Warner® which is currently available in 50 million homes.

Jake also founded the world’s first digital fitness music label, Don’t Quit Music®, in partnership with Universal Music Enterprises® (Ume) to create category specific workout music.

Continuing to reinvent his persona, Jake embraced the challenge of creating a one man stage show, “JAKE STEINFELD: No Expectations”. The show, 90 minutes of humorous, inspirational stories from his life, played for a sold-out engagement at the Hollywood Theater in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.

In the literary world, Jake’s book, I’ve Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked and They’ve Got Nothing on You! was a New York Times® business bestseller and Wall Street Journal® best seller. His other titles include Get Strong! Body by Jake’s Guide to Building Confidence, Muscles and a Great Future for Teenage Guys; PowerLiving by Jake, Eleven Lessons to Change Your Life; and the instructional’s Don’t Quit, and Body by Jake.

Jake’s passion and success has allowed him to make another of his dreams a reality with the creation of Major League Lacrosse®. The nation’s first professional outdoor lacrosse league, MLL is in its tenth successful season with teams in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Long Island (NY), Toronto, and Washington DC with a nationally televised game of the week on ESPN2.

Jake created his Don’t Quit! Foundation to support and educate the youth of America about the value of physical fitness by providing state of the art fitness centers in inner city middle and high schools. There are now 30 Don’t Quit! Fitness Centers across the United States of America.

He was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to serve as Chairman of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports®, with the mission of establishing California as the nation’s first “Fitness State”. Jake’s goal is to inspire kids to have a “Don’t Quit!” attitude while trying to win the Governor’s Challenge that requires them to be active for 30-60 minutes a day, 3 days a week for a month.  In 2006, the first year of the Challenge, there were only 10,000 participants but in 2010 there was a record-breaking 1,327,517 participants in the Governor’s Challenge. Another one of the council’s more successful initiatives that Jake implemented are the Spotlight Awards which honor individuals, organizations and events that positively impact the physical activity and fitness levels of California’s children and youth. The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF) named the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports as State Council of the Year for the second time in a row recognizing Jake’s leadership in promoting health and fitness as a model for the country.

Ahead of the trends, Jake continues to utilize evolving media, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to philanthropy by providing hope and solutions to help transform people’s lives.