Maria Elena Salinas


Maria Elena Salinas, Univision Network Anchor

What do women want? Time. It would be just wonderful to have longer days and longer weeks to juggle all that we do. Whether we’re professional women or stay at home moms, our list of tasks is usually overwhelming. And if you’re a single mom of teenage girls and sole provider like I am, the challenge can be daunting. Managing their academic schedules and social agendas alone is enough to drive you crazy, and then you have to deal with their hormonal changes, not to mention your own.

For us, as Latinas, the expectations can be even higher. Since we were little girls we’ve been taught that it is our responsibility to protect our family and run our household, to stand by our men and care for our children, to be disciplinarian and shoulder to cry on. We are taught to have strength and courage, to be compassionate and prudent. We are expected to be humble yet confident, respectful yet assertive.

I remind my daughters all the time how lucky we are to be women. Among our special attributes is that we can multi-task so much better than men, and we certainly take advantage of that God-given talent. We do it because we can, and we are blessed because we can.

Now, the question is -- if we had extra time on our hands would we utilize it to pamper ourselves, de-stress and recharge our batteries, or would we just add more and more to an already overloaded and overburdened schedule? I wish I had the time to figure out the answer. 
Univision Network Anchor María Elena Salinas’ work has earned her several journalistic awards including three national and one regional Emmys. She is also an author. In 2006, she published her memoir, I Am My Father’s Daughter: Living A Life Without Secrets.

Maria Elena Salinas spoke at The Women's Conference 2009.

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