Maria Looks Back at The Women's Conference

Maria Shriver on the last seven years of The Women's Conference.


  • Maria,
    Actually there are no words to describe you as a person, your dedication to the Ahlzheimers Foundation is remarkable. Please
    know that you are adored and loved by so many. We are caregivers and you inspire me to be better at this each day. God bless you. We too are so striving for a cure.
    Dianna Williams/Treasurer
    Dimensia Coalition

    Posted by Caregiver, 6 December 2010.

  • Being fortunate enough to be a part of The Women's Conference under Maria's stewardship has made an indelible imprint on my soul and has without a doubt inspired my journey in life.

    Thank you Maria (and staff) for this amazing gift. You've introduced us over the years to so many people in life who've made a difference to those of us who want to make a difference. This video is a beautiful look back at just a fraction of the inspiring moments of The Women's Conference, but your legacy will be all the women paying it forward.

    Posted by Kellimwheeler, 6 December 2010.

  • Maria, you are such an inspiration for women all over the world. You have to keep doing The Women's Conference. My 11 year old daughter idolizes you..... and so do I!

    Marcia and Joan
    2004 Women's Conference Attendees
    2009 and 2010 Women's Conference Volunteers

    Posted by MarciaHarris, 24 November 2010.

  • Grace, integrity, passion and honesty- Maria opened her heart and shared her journey -I was inspired to reach higher, look deeper and to give back- I look forward to "what next"!
    With gratitude and admiration

    Posted by KleenSlate , 17 November 2010.

  • This is such a wonderful video message. Thank you!!

    Posted by Tricia, 14 November 2010.

  • The Women's Conference is my favorite event of the year, including Christmas!
    I am so grateful to Maria for her integrity, diligence and spirit! I pray that she creates her new Women's Conference next year! It doesn't matter what she calls it. It will always be hers.

    Posted by Robin B. Palmer, 14 November 2010.