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We HonorMarilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton

Why WE Honor Her 

Despite a tragic hang gliding accident in 1979 which left her paralyzed for life, Marilyn has stayed strong and, in the process, changed the lives of the disabled. Her innovative design of the “Quickie” wheelchair revolutionized the wheelchair industry, allowing many disabled people to live a productive and active lifestyle. Marilyn continued her crusade when she founded “Winners on Wheels,” a program to inspire young children in chairs. To date, there are more than 39 “WOW” programs throughout the country. Marilyn also saw a need to help those beyond our borders and began a program to distribute used and refurbished wheelchairs to people in developing countries. Marilyn didn’t stop there. She proved to herself and the world that being afflicted with a spinal cord injury doesn’t mean your life stops. Marilyn went on to compete and become a two-time U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis Champ, Two-Time Silver Medalist in the Paralympics Ski Championship and a Six-Time National Disabled Champion. Marilyn currently serves as Vice President of Global Strategic Planning for Sunrise Medical, which purchased Motion Designs (the company Marilyn co-founded that manufactured the Quickie). Marilyn was  inducted into the “Spinal Cord Injury – Hall of Fame” in 2005, the same year that actor Christopher Reeve was inducted posthumously.