Michael-Anne Hogan


Michael-Anne Hogan

I would invite the fabulous Bette Midler. You may think it odd for a person in her early 20s to choose someone who is peer-age to her mother, but the movie ‘Beaches’ was my favorite movie growing up and to me it will remain an all-time favorite. I don’t know if I identified with the movie out of some unexplainable, mysterious foreshadowing about how my own life may unfold, or if it was Bette belting out “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which was the song that was played during my Grandpa’s funeral when I was a kid. Either way, I am a fan.

I am curious to know how she got to where she is today – her struggles, triumphs and disappointments. What inspires her? Did she ever want to give up and, if so, what kept her going? Has she found it hard to maintain relationships (romantic, friendly, family), or is it hard to trust others? If she wasn't in the entertainment business, what would she want to do/be?

There are so many things that I want to dabble in and accomplish in my life. It seems that Bette is the same way and HAS accomplished quite a lot. Mainly I think I could learn what it takes to keep reaching for your goals until you achieve them.

I had the chance to see this great actress and performer in concert once, which was pretty awesome.  From hit records and award winning songs to Broadway, films and television, to community outreach and charities, she does it all.  Four Grammys, four Golden Globes, three Emmys, a Tony Award, and currently her own mega-show in Las Vegas (which I must try and catch next time I’m out there.) Wow -- she has enjoyed some amazing accomplishments and proven you can do it all!

I think I could learn a lot from her.
Michael-Anne Hogan is 23 years old and lives in Arlington, VA.  She currently works as an Account Manager for Clear Channel Radio and Online in Washington DC. She graduated from West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

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