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Nancy Woodson, Author

The man who has influenced me the most in my life is my husband and best friend -- Doug. He has always been supportive. He stood by me – and shouldered the added responsibility of caring for our 3 children -- when I returned to college to complete my undergraduate degree, when I went back to work full time, and when I was diagnosed with – and had to undergo treatment for -- thyroid cancer.

Through it all Doug not only worked a 60-hour week and fixed our family dinner, but he also assisted our youngest child with her daily school assignments. On nights when I had to prepare for a college test, Doug would serve me dinner on a tray, draw my bath and pull back my bed.

Never a day went by when he wouldn’t tell me how proud he was of me. His encouragement and true love gave me super-human strength. I often questioned my overloaded schedule – which sometimes resulted in extreme exhaustion and total frustration, but he settled me down with his calm spirit.

It was Doug who was instrumental in my accomplishing my dream of becoming an author – he became the third and final editor of my manuscript in his spare time (sarcasm). My first book – Hurdles - will be released in August.

As with many couples, our marriage has had its bumps, but “Our struggles have become our biggest Blessings.”  This unselfish man has given me the best part of himself – as well as his unconditional love and guidance -- and for this I am forever grateful. I have grown and matured into a more productive and confident woman, and I applaud my husband for putting aside any ego and simply encouraging me, his wife. I truly believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to with his support – and with the support of my family and friends.




Nancy Woodson began the first 17 years of her marriage as a homemaker and returned to the college classroom to complete her undergraduate degree while working full-time, raising a family and battling cancer. In the past year she has started a business and will publish her memoir Hurdles on her five year cancer anniversary.

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