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How She Empowers Others

Actress. Model. Singer. Those three words chronicle the creative evolution of multimedia phenomenon Raven-Symone.

For some, Raven-Symone will always be precocious three-year-old Olivia Kendall, who captivated viewers' hearts on The Cosby Show. For others she is high school teen Raven Baxter, engaged in various comedic yet life-teaching situations on the Disney Channel's That's So Raven series. Still others know her as a film actress whose credits include the Eddie Murphy vehicles, Dr. Doolittle and Dr. Doolittle 2, as well as current box-office favorite, The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.

Whether singing about relationships, ambition, self-confidence or love, Raven-Symone's overriding message is girl power. "I believe strongly in girl power, for girls to be confident in themselves."

Confidence was something Raven-Symone possessed her share of while growing up in Atlanta. Born Dec. 10, 1985, she was signed by the Ford Modeling Agency at just two years old. She later auditioned for the Bill Cosby movie Ghost Dad, which led to her role as Cosby's step-granddaughter on The Cosby Show.

When that show ended, she segued to four years as Nicole on the sitcom, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. Since then Raven-Symone has racked up an extensive list of television and film credits. Those include the Queen miniseries, Little Rascals, and the forthcoming movies, Fat Albert and All-American Girl.  She's also one of the voices on the animated series, Kim Possible.

Besides the two earlier albums, the musical part of the Raven-Symone equation lists several hit soundtracks: The Lion King 1 ½ ("Grazing in the Grass," which also appears on This is My Time), The Haunted Mansion and The Princess Diaries 2. The actress-singer earned her first platinum award for the soundtrack to The Cheetah Girls, the Disney Channel's first musical movie, executive produced by Debra Martin Chase (The Princess Diaries) and Whitney Houston.  The movie also starred Raven-Symone as diva Galleria Garibaldi.