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Unbelievably, this happened today: My ex-husband (for the last 15 years) received a solicitous email from a hacker, claiming to be my sister. The email begged for money to help her because she had been mugged and robbed while visiting London. This caring man, maintaining anonymity, wired $2,500.00 to the scam artist. We discovered it too late.

I’ve always loved him for the same reasons he sent the money: his trusting, generous soul. Unfortunately, when we were together, I didn’t appreciate those qualities. I only noticed his character defects. In my twenties, I got married, focused on my wants and needs, and blamed my husband for most of my unhappiness. In my thirties, I had a baby boy and decided to separate from my husband because I could do it all on my own. In my forties, I got sober and divorced. In my fifties, I grew up, and honestly looked at my life.

Now at 60, I have a willing spirit for serious introspection and have finally begun to understand myself, men and life. During the nearly 40 years I’ve known him, my ex has taught me many lessons and has, by example, provided invaluable insight into the challenge of raising a son. I used to resist his perspective because my insecurity dictated my need to be right. As I’ve matured, and through our friendship, I remain grateful to him for his compassionate heart, tolerant disposition, and accepting temperament.

He just proved it again. He’s a man of good nature and the perfect role model, not only for our son, but for me, as well.  He’s a guy I still love for showing me how wonderful men can be, when you give them a chance!

Ronni Kremberg, Palm Coast, FL, 60 years old, Interior Designer, Artist, Mentor for drug and alcohol addicted women in recovery, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Beach Walker, Traveler, Movie Buff, Mother to a recently engaged son, Loyal sister and friend.

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