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We HonorThe Honorable Nancy Pelosi

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Why WE Honor Her 

On January 4, 2007, Representative Nancy Pelosi broke the marble ceiling, becoming the first woman to serve as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and the most politically powerful woman in America's history.  Tough, smart and pragmatic, Speaker Pelosi routinely introduces herself by saying she is the mother of five and a grandmother of six.  As House Democratic Leader - she was the first woman elected to lead a major party in Congress - Speaker Pelosi led her party in its quest to regain a House majority.  Before her election to Congress, Speaker Pelosi served as Chair of the California Democratic Party. 

A tireless crusader for international human rights, Speaker Pelosi has always been a staunch advocate for women, children, families and the disabled.   As she said in her inaugural speech as Speaker: "We waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights.  But women weren't just waiting.  Women were working.  Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America that all men and women are created equal.  For our daughters and our granddaughters, the sky is the limit."

From Madeleine Albright

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