Tiffany O’Hara


Tiffany O’Hara, Independent Filmmaker

Who would I want to have over for brunch? Or rather, who would I like to ply with a Bloody Mary or three and have a fantastic conversation with? It’s not a hard choice for me. After getting over the fact that having her over for brunch would mean she’d have to see my tiny little apartment, I’d love to invite Hillary Clinton -- and stuff her with a hearty southern breakfast -- biscuits and crispy maple-glazed bacon included, of course.

Why Hillary? She’s so 2008, right? Wrong. Hillary Clinton is to me one of the most fascinating women of our time.  Not only has she lived in the White House, run for President, managed to raise an exceptional child (Chelsea is pretty cool, you have to admit), she’s currently Secretary of State at a time when the world seems to get smaller by the day, but the complications navigating the global field seem to get larger by the minute. Over the course of the meal, I’d ask her how she is enjoying her position as Secretary of State. Is she secretly glad that she isn’t President now? And what does she really think of Obama?

I must admit I’ve always had a love/hate thing with Hillary. Who is the “real” Hillary Clinton? People have been lambasting her for years for not being authentic  - and I had to agree. But in her new role as Secretary of State, Hillary seems to have found a grounded confidence that I’ve never seen in her before. She finally glows with the strength, passion, and grace that we’ve always known she’s had. And there is an ease about her now – an authenticity – that I find downright inspiring. How did this happen? And is she aware of the change in herself? Does she feel happier? 

I’m sure by the time we reached our third Bloody Mary, I would feel comfortable enough to flat out ask her about any wisdom she has to impart.  “Give me the goods, Hil…” What do you think makes a good life? How can we serve others (our communities, our families, the world at large) while also honoring our own needs?  Do you think the bacon could have been crispier?  And then, only after she’s gathered her coat and I’d thanked her profusely for her time, I think I would have to ask her about husband, that silver fox of a man.  But only if she liked the bacon.

Tiffany O’Hara is an independent filmmaker currently developing a pilot for a new television series. Tiffany is also a passionate advocate for The Trevor Project, where she volunteers as a helpline counselor. The Trevor Project operates the only accredited, nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth.

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