The XXEffect | What tops your 2010 todo list


Alexis Jones

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The very tippy, top of my To Do list for 2010 is wildly unusual for me. I normally have the “complete a book, run a marathon, win a Nobel Peace Prize” kind of expectations, but 2010 is the year of being kinder to myself. So my number one priority is simple -- loving myself more...

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Jennifer Loesch

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On a daily basis, I create and accomplish tasks I have outlined on a To Do list. These lists focus on menial actions that -- through accomplishment -- will guarantee my day is productive, but not necessarily fulfilling...

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Majora Carter

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There are three items that top my To Do list for 2010 -- 1. Continue to drive Uptown Girl Power with my fellow Bronx Girls, Kerry Washington and Joy Bryant. This past year Uptown Girl Power raised funds and awareness for large-scale art projects. In 2010 I want to...

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Elizabeth Gilbert

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My two greatest priorities are community and privacy, which may seem like they don’t go together. But I don’t think I can quite do one without the other, and I’m learning how to balance my days between those two things. On the one hand, I’m very much a part of this town where I now live...

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It’s the start of a new year as well as a new Decade


Linda Ellerbee

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I’m 65. I’m not ready to retire yet. I cannot stop getting older, but I’ve made a decision not to rot. To this end, I’m starting to live -- and work, thanks to laptop and cell phone -- outside the U.S. for a part of every year...

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Pat Mitchell

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At the top of my To Do list for 2010 is a bold and audacious goal: to end violence against women and girls. I can’t think of anything more important than to do something every day to end the various kinds of violence...

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Candace Nelson

Candace Nelson 270x170

2010 To Dos… wow. Is it really 2010 already? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were all preparing for the Y2K bug? I feel like I was just unwrapping bottle warmers at my baby shower, and now my "baby" goes to preschool...

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Aimee Jennings

Aimee Jennings 101x101

Travel and adventure top my 2010 To Do list. I plan on spending the next 365 days saying yes to new experiences. One of my biggest flaws or hindrances in life is that I am usually a pessimistic person...

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Maria Shriver

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My 2010 To Do list just couldn’t wait till the start of the New Year. On October 28th, I experienced the same powerful wave of energy that I always feel the day after The Women’s Conference...

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Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson 101x101

I don't want to do anything too ambitious. Maybe lose 5 pounds. Take a cooking class. Oh. There is one more thing. I'm going to cure a rare disease called NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica). A year ago, my 16-year-old daughter got the diagnosis...

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