Becoming Your Own Career Coach

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How Professionals Can Become Their Career Coach

Today, Raphael Avraham Sternberg believes that the job of a career advisor is at an all-time low. The word has become almost synonymous with being referred to as a career specialist. That’s because many people today feel they can no longer manage their careers. Many are in the early stages of getting a go-away job or are still determining where to begin. Moreover, many companies aren’t looking for anybody who wants to be an advisor anymore. Here are several ways that professionals can become their career coaches.

Build their portfolio

One of the most important things professionals can do for their careers is to build a portfolio of accomplishments. They can do this by using the career planner app on their computers or mobile devices to keep track of their achievements throughout their work. This way, they will know where they currently stand and what they want to do next.

Build a list

Another meaningful way professionals can become career coaches is by building a list. The best way to do this is by creating a virtual “to-do list.” This list can be anything they want, from a list of chores to a list of projects.

Travel the world

Travel is an essential part of any professional’s life. Whether they are stay-at-home parents or working as an advisor, traveling is a crucial part of living and learning new skills. As soon as they have a plan, any random trip they take will be an adventure. Their goal needs to include food, shopping, transport, and more. However, when one is in the mood to do something, there is no such thing as a “free pass” to doing anything. They must plan out their activities in advance. This way, they will not be pleasantly surprised when something unexpected happens.

Grow their network

According to entrepreneur Raphael Avraham Sternberg, network growth is important because it will make one’s journey much easier. A professional can make more contacts, learn more about their industry, and make contacts in a much deeper way. This will make their job easier and make clients more satisfied. The more connections professionals make, the easier it will be for them to get clients. Having a network of contacts is the best way to get clients interested in one’s company.

Lead by example

The last important thing that professionals can do is lead by example. This means following the example of their peers and peers-in-training. According to entrepreneur Sternberg, when one is an advisor, one needs to lead by example. They want to be an example to their peers so they can follow their example and become their own advisors. This means one needs to set an example for their peers. One cannot lead with words but rather with actions. This will make one’s career as an advisor much easier.


At the end of the day, a professional is still the same person they were last month. That’s the beauty of being human. They still have the potential to be the best version of themselves. The key is to keep on improving and taking risks. This will lead to success in the end.

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