Corporate Gifting: the Key to a Booming Business

One of the most important things you can do when building a business is create a strong and unique brand personality.  This personality is often referred to as a brand archetype, which encapsulates a company’s aesthetic, values, and goals.  It is important to think carefully when selecting an archetype and use it to its full potential.

Brand archetypes originate from 12 majors personality types that pop up throughout history.  The archetypes range from the jester to the everyman to the sage, providing companies with plentiful options with which to align themselves. 

Having a firm archetype speaks to consumers; 90% of customers agree that personalization and authenticity is more appealing than generic brands.  To further a company’s appeal to consumers, the company can consider sending out gifts.  Corporate gifting has historically led to a positive ROI and greater customer loyalty, with 66% of customers saying that they still remember a company’s name a year after said company sent them a gift. 

How are brand archetypes and corporate gifting linked?  Other than their shared benefit of strengthening a company’s image and growing its supporters, these methods can reinforce each other.  For example, sending gifts that bolster a company’s archetype deepens its personality.  The sage archetype could send customers a smart writing kit, which relates to its values of understanding and research. 

Taking advantage of brand archetypes and corporate gifting is key to a booming brand.  If you find yourself stuck when it comes to either step, you can turn to helpful resources like Regards.  Regards is a company that suggests impactful gifts based on brand archetypes.  These are just two options amidst the countless opportunities to improve corporate identity and profit.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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