Do Women Like Hairy Chests

Forget what you have heard, women prefer hairy chests. This is not a hoax; there has been extensive research conducted on the subject matter and it has overwhelmingly concluded that hairier is better. So whether you are looking to find a relationship or wanting to attract more females your choice of chest hair is significant.

What Is a Hairy Chest?

A hairy chest is a man’s chest that has a lot of hair. Women often like men with hairy chests because they are considered masculine and attractive.

To get a woman to like your hairy chest, you should brush your hair regularly, trim it every couple of weeks and use a good body wash with moisturizer. If you want to grow out your chest hair, you can also try some home remedies to stimulate hair growth such as honey and coconut oil.

If you are wondering what a hairy chest is, here is an explanation:

Hairy chest – A man’s body part that has more than average amounts of hair on it, especially on the top of the chest area (see image).

What Types of Body Hair Do Men Have?

There are a variety of different types of body hair that men have.

Chest Hair: The most common type of body hair for men is chest hair. The amount and density of the chest hair varies from man to man. Some men have very little chest hair while others have thick, coarse chest hair.

Armpit Hair: Men also have armpit hair that grows from their armpits and connects to their chest hair. This type of body hair is also called axillary or underarm hair by dermatologists.

Pubic Hair: Pubic hairs grow around the genitals on both males and females and cover the mons pubis (the mound above the pubic bone). Pubic hairs can be very coarse in some cases or light in other cases depending on your genetics. It’s normal for pubic hairs to grow longer than other types of body hair like leg hairs or arm hairs since they’re not exposed to as much friction as other parts of your body like arms and legs are when you walk around all day long with them exposed to the world!

How Do Women Feel About Hairless Chests?

Women have a lot of preferences when it comes to the way men look, so it’s no surprise that there are many different opinions on a subject like chest hair.

Well, according to one survey by Gillette, 65 percent of women prefer men with hairy chests. The rest of them were split between preferring smooth or shaved chests, or not having an opinion at all.

This makes sense when you consider that most women have some sort of body hair themselves. So while they may not want their man to look like he’s just stepped out of a jungle, they also don’t want him to look completely hairless either.

Some men prefer to keep their chest hair trimmed and neat while others prefer to let it grow wild and free.

Does A Man Need to Wait Until He Is Older To Grow Chest Hair?

There is a lot of misconception and confusion when it comes to women’s preferences regarding body hair. Some men are under the impression that their female partners do not like hairy chests, but this is not always true.

The truth is that some women prefer hairy chests over clean shaven chests. This does not mean that all women want a man with a hairy chest, but there are some who prefer them over those who are clean shaven.

Does a man need to wait until he is older to grow chest hair?

Men who want to grow chest hair should not wait until they are older before doing so. It does not matter if he is young or old; men can grow chest hair at any age if they want to do so. In fact, many younger men choose to grow chest hair because they feel like it makes them look more attractive and manly.

What Does It Mean If You Don’t Have Chest Hair?

If you don’t have chest hair, it’s not a big deal. But if you do have chest hair, what does it mean?

It’s not just about whether or not you like to shave your chest. It’s also a sign of virility and masculinity. Some women like hairy chests because they think they’re more masculine or manly. Others find that some men with hairy chests are more sensitive to their needs in bed.

Women who prefer a man with a hairy chest may be more likely to have an orgasm during sex than women who prefer a man without any body hair at all.

So what does it mean if you don’t have chest hair? Well, it doesn’t mean anything really. Some men have naturally thick growths of body hair on their chests and others don’t grow much at all.

If you’re worried about your lack of chest hair and wondering if there’s something wrong with your hormones or health, don’t be concerned — it’s perfectly normal for some men not to grow much body hair at all.


It looks like the best-case scenario for men with concerns about body hair is to keep a low body-hair percentage. The irony is that even most women who prefer hairy chests and backs don’t want an excess of hair, so going overboard on shaving may just be making you more feminine in the eyes of most women. It’s important to note, however, that no significant relationship was found between gender and preference due to the small sample size.

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