How Eterneva Utilizes Technology To Provide A Unique Offering In The Grieving Process

Today, most industries have modernized their processes and products to feed the ever-growing hunger from millennials for something new. However, the funeral-care industry has also not been lax at stepping up its processes and products to catch up with the market demand. 

Thus said, there is great buzz about a new death-care company called Eterneva. The founders came up with the idea that the ashes of your cremated loved one can be preserved in unique and eye-catching diamonds.

What is Eterneva?

Technology and innovation have a ripple effect on the dynamic fabric that holds society together. Therefore, any company seeking to impact the world currently has to leverage new revolutionary ideas to get a wide age. Consequently, the grief wellness care industry has changed from the traditional method to great current systems.

In the past year, we have faced a great pandemic; COVID 19. The whole world was ground to a halt, something that most of us did not expect to happen in any lifetime. However, as usual, technology played its part to ensure everyone got to honor their loved ones despite the control restrictions created to combat the pandemic. 

This presents a challenge to the industry, forcing it to change and adapt quickly to accommodate the growing demand for its services. In this article, we will focus on one of the top-notch services called Eterneva.

Embracing Virtual Send-Offs

Traditional burial ceremonies were held physically; you had to be there to help your friend or family mourn their loved ones and comfort them emotionally. However, with new video streaming options, it became possible for people to join in for burials to keep relatives and friends connected as they mourned their loss.

Adelle Archer, one of the cofounders of one of the best death care companies, says that they were in the process of founding a synthetic diamond company a few years ago when she got wind of losing her long-time mentor and friend from Austin, TX. As she went on with the memorializing process, she couldn’t get satisfied with it as she could identify the gaps and how the death care process needed a lot of work. Since she didn’t have the comfort of an urn, she got an idea she could convert the ashes o her mentor into a diamond, a black one for this case.

Eterneva, one of the top emerging funeral care services, used its website to enhance quality connections as people mourned. The process involves watching as your loved one is immortalized as a diamond from their ashes. The website also has a page for each process whereby the families can invite friends, the community, and their loved ones to watch the whole process and collaborate.

The company has 17 partnership deals with funeral homes to bring in their diamonds to grieving families. 

Eterneva Sign up Process

A unique factor on Eterneva is its onboarding process. Instead of bombarding you with endless technicalities and complicated theories, they give a free welcome kit that explains the process in detail. This is the first step.

If the relatives or family chooses to have their loved one immortalized in diamonds, they mail few strands of hair or a half cup of ashes in a package. However, for those mourning their pets, well, brace yourselves because Eterneva does pets, in which case you email some fur from your pet.

As much as some ashes are converted to a diamond, it’s peaceful to understand that not all remains of your loved one will be used as some of it is left with you in your urn. 

The next step is delivery, and knowing how many ethical issues surround the process of delivering the precious remains of a loved one, Eterneva has an exclusive contract with FedEx for the same purpose. 

Once the remains reach Austin, which is where Eterneva is headquartered, the process begins. The whole process is documented, and families and relatives are updated on the process, which may take 8-9 months. 

The Science Stuff

We learned that most diamonds are formed within the earth’s crust and mined as natural diamonds from school. However, diamonds are formed as synthetic diamonds by intense pressure and heat with limited time in the laboratory.

Creating the diamond is an interesting one that starts with the extraction of carbon from the remains and continues with encasing the same in pure carbon. Then, under high pressure and temperature, the diamond is developed. You get to have the independent option to have this diamond placed in a necklace, earrings, or different jewelry, depending on your preference.

The model that Eterneva uses is a direct-to-consumer model that is more appealing to millennials than traditional models. 

Even if you’re finding it hard to believe, Eternerva received backing from one shark and raised subsequent seed funding that validates the care firm. 

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