Importance of Having Health Insurance

Importance of Having Health Insurance

Health insurance allows one to obtain health care and is linked to improved productivity, better health outcomes, and lower death rates. Regardless of these benefits, many people are still uncovered, which puts their financial, mental, and physical health at risk. Jordan Sudberg, a pain management specialist, opines that healthcare coverage is essential to a healthy, secure and productive life.

Let us look at the reasons for obtaining health insurance

1. Family Safety

When looking for a suitable insurance plan, one can opt to have their entire family under one policy instead of purchasing separate policies. Individuals should consider their dependent children or aging parents vulnerable to illnesses. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research to obtain comprehensive coverage.

Health care can be costly. Examinations, scans, lab work, prescription drugs, emergency care, and surgery are all costs that accumulate fast. In some cases, they can accumulate to the point of the individual going bankrupt or turning down needed care. However, with health insurance, one does not meet the costs individually. The insurance plan helps cover the costs and allows the policyholder to navigate the medical billing confusion.

2. Prevents Illness

Health insurance makes it easier to prevent illness in the first place. When one has health insurance, they can easily access preventive and routine health care, including:

• Screenings and scans

• Lab work and blood tests

• Vaccinations

• Annual checkups

All these are essential in maintaining health and diagnosing illnesses quickly. Furthermore, health insurance assists in covering the costs of managing chronic conditions, such as depression, heart disease or diabetes. Insurers provide disease management programs for such needs and recommend valuable resources and specialists.

Preventive and routine care is especially essential when one has children. Pregnant mothers, infants, and kids require medical care to thrive and remain healthy.

3. To Manage Medical Inflation

As diseases increase and medical technology advances, so do treatment costs. It is imperative to know that medical expenses go beyond hospitals. Room rent, cost of medicine, operation theater costs, ambulance charges, diagnosis tests and doctor’s consultation costs are also on the rise. When one is not sufficiently prepared, all these costs can be strenuous on their finances. But, purchasing an affordable health insurance policy can help individuals ease the load of medical inflation and get quality treatment without necessarily worrying about the cost. One does not have to cater for treatment out-of-pocket.

4. Offers Peace of Mind

A health insurance policy also reduces stress. It helps eradicate fears about accruing substantial medical debts. Health insurance guarantees ready access to all-inclusive care, eliminating concerns of one not benefiting from the health care system. Also, health insurance gives the individual a sense of being part and parcel of the healthcare system.

Other less obvious but essential benefits include less paperwork. Health care plans maintain patient records documenting their medical histories and current treatments. Subsequently, the patient does not have to fill out paperwork when obtaining medical care.

All these are valid reasons why Jordan Sudberg urges everyone to obtain health insurance.

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