My Top 10 Tieks Flats

When it comes to narrowing down my top 10 Tieks Flats out of their extensive collection, this was a hard list to create. Because of Tieks’ versatility and quality, I wanted to choose them all! Tieks are an investment piece and since they come in a variety of colors, prints, and textures, I have a closet full.

Tieks are made in Italy, and the high-end ballet flat is known for its artisanship, made by hand from Italian leather, vegan materials, and textiles. Each shoe is meticulously constructed over 3 days, with over 150 steps required to complete a single pair. Each pair is cleverly designed and handcrafted, with a commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Kfir Gavrieli, the CEO of Tieks, designed the first luxury pair of flats designed to fold thanks to their patented split-sole design. It was a hard decision, but here are my top 10 styles of Tieks to wear for any season.


Named for the scenic landscapes of Tieks’ home state, California, their first Camouflage pattern comes in a warm gray, green, tan, and black color palette. Inspired by Malibu’s golden hour sunsets and Joshua Tree’s rugged canyons, the distinct style of Calouflage Tieks is a playful addition to any wardrobe. Plus, the shimmer on top adds an extra layer of sophistication. Pair it with a solid color outfit or mix and match it with other patterns to really shine among the crowd.

California Navy

For a more subtle look, I always search for my Califonia Navy Tieks. California Navy is a more traditional style of Tieks from the Classic Collection, and is one of the first pairs of Tieks I owned. Since they go with everything, I tend to wear them with khakis or more preppy outfits. Plus, over time the full-grain leather texture beautifies the more you wear them. Just like classics like the little black dress, this timeless piece never goes out of style.

Obsidian Black

Handmade to resemble the texture of crocodile scales, the bold Obsidian Black Tieks are one of my favorite pairs to wear when my outfit seems to be missing something. The Tieks Patent Croc Print Leather compliments the teal blue rubber soles and cushioned instep. I wear these to work or school, or throw them in my bag for later, then when transitioning into a night outfit, they work with dressier styles as well.


My Leopard Print Tieks are my go-to when I wear jeans and a t-shirt. Exotic, edgy, and chic, the realistic texture features leopard-like spots made of thick-edged circles with a lighter color center. The suede-like leather and crackled finish are eye-catching. Every time I wear them out, they take the spotlight. These Tieks are a real confidence booster: I get tons of compliments and questions about where I got them. 

Matte Black

Out of all the styles of Tieks, Matte Black is an essential pair to own! Because of their versatility, I can wear this pair year-round! The matte finish, meaning they don’t have a glossy exterior, doesn’t mean these Tieks don’t shine! Like other Tieks, these are made from full-grain Italian leathers and are tanned with only the highest grade oils to emphasize the natural grain. If you’re going to start a Tieks collection and want a staple item, this must be your first pair because of their interchangeability and timelessness!


Inspired by my favorite bubbly, Rosé Tieks are elegant and sparkle with a shimmery, metallic light pink shade. The hue is a mix of Champagne with a touch of light burgundy, giving the style a soft and feminine touch. This pair of Tieks makes me feel luxurious since they are so charming and have such a beautiful neutral hue. I tend to wear these with earth-tone colors, shades of pastels, and bold prints that might need toning down!

Metallic Pewter

Falling somewhere between shades of silver and gray, Metallic Pewter evokes an opulent gray undertone. Unlike other gray Tieks, which come in a more rugged texture, this shiny, metal-like polished finish adds a shimmering effect. Part of the Metallic Collection, the striking and lustrous Metallic Pewter jazzes up any ensemble. Like every pair of Tieks, they are made from premium, full-grain, specially-treated Italian leathers that are buttery soft to the touch.


For a pop of color, choose the Fuchsia Tieks, which come in an electrifying and vivid pink tone. An easy way to brighten any outfit, add this Fuchsia pair to stand out among the crowd. Almost fluorescent and fierce, these flats can be dressed down for a casual outfit or paired with a more dressy outfit for a night out. This bold statement piece can bring a touch of femininity while being energizing and uplifting.


Made in an earthy, natural shade of light brownish taupe, the neutral Taupe Tieks ooze sophistication. These flats are the most-used Tieks that I own. Since they match with every color and print under the sun, I tend to wear this pair the most. These are a staple of my wardrobe since they are so versatile. I tend to throw them in an overnight bag without even thinking since they mix and match with bold colors, neutrals, and prints alike.


Finally, the Fantasy-inspired Drago flat is a worthwhile investment to any wardrobe. Drago was the first shoe released in the whimsical House Gavrieli series, back in 2019. This shoe was inspired by the mythical last surviving dragon, the legendary Drago. It’s made from specially treated top-grain leather, dyed black, and coated with foiled scales in beautiful shades of silver and glacial blue. This style was truly a special addition to my collection.

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