Paid to Be Perfect by Heather Mathes: on self-care, body positivity and mental wellness

Heather Mathes’ upcoming book, Paid to Be Perfect, is not only a book about herself and her habits, it is also very relevant in our current society.

The book echoes several hot topics and subjects. During the last few years, the words of “body positivity”, “self-care”, “wellness” and “mental health” have been at the forefront of social medias. Especially on Instagram and TikTok, where more and more self-care accounts are multiplying. Due to the recent rises in mental illness due to the pandemic, many people are being advised to explore their own spiritual growth and to discover inner peace.

Heather Mathes includes these three topics in her book, in the following order: nutrition, skincare, and mental wellness.


Nutrition takes the biggest part out of these three topics. The author expands on it, as she firmly believes that a better nutrition will naturally help other aspects of life.

She is far from being the only author or influencer who wants to pay more attention to her nutrition. As a matter of fact, whether it is for the environmental aspect or their own health, a lot of people are changing their diets towards more vegetables, less meat, more organic produce, more variety and balance.

This change is hard to ignore as we see the consequences of the food industry and the ultra-processed food products, both on the human health and on the environment. They include eating disorders, conditions such as diabetes, food waste, and plastic waste.


The next part is about skincare. Along with fashion, skincare has immensely benefited from the rise of Instagram. Skincare brands communicate non-stop via their accounts and anyone who is passionate can build a community and a following.

Just like those beauty influencers, the author shares her tips, her routine, her favorite products and tools. She describes her skin concerns, what each product does for her, and the financial costs, so that the reader has enough information to take what they need from her own experience.

Mental wellness

The part on mental wellness is very relevant in our society. Indeed, light is being shed on mental illnesses and mental self-care. A growing number of people are talking, discussing, informing others and themselves about this subject. It is a good thing that this topic is less and less stigmatized and censored.

As she is not a doctor, Mathes only touches upon the less serious aspect of mental wellness. Nonetheless, she reminds us key tips such as prioritizing our mental health, asking for and accepting help, or protecting ourselves from toxic events or environments.

The affirmations and tips can be seen in other self-improvement and wellness books or social medias, but I think we will always need to hear them.


On a more general view, affirmations of wellness and body positivity can be found throughout the book.

Her own definition of the “perfect” she tries to achieve is rooted in the body positivity mindset. Indeed, she explains that her idea of the “perfect body” does not follow a precise weight, size, or shape but can be defined as the body in which one feels the most comfortable and healthy. Her idea of self-confidence is accepting that each person has their own and personal perfect body, that should not be compared to other people.

Mathes explains that flaws and imperfections are what makes us unique and perfect in our own way. That there will be inevitably some days where we won’t work out or where we will indulge in a sugary treat; but it is alright.

In a nutshell, this book totally speaks to the readers of its time and deals with relevant topics from the author’s point of view and experiences. Order a copy now on Amazon.

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