What does thick mean on a woman

Thick is a slang term to refer to a woman who is of larger size or curvaceous. It is often used in the hip hop culture to categorize sexually desirable women. Thick implies excess body fat on a woman and may also be used as a phase for ”Big Beautiful Women” (BBW). The usage and interpretation of the word is subjective and often depends on personal preferences. Thick might be perceived as bulky, heavy or even fat. It is mostly used in reference to butts and thighs on a woman that are perceived as being full and voluptuous

The Word Thick Is Usually Used to Describe A Female Who Has A Curvy Build.

The word thick is usually used to describe a female who has a curvy build. Thick women are not defined by their weight, but by the tone and shape of their bodies. Thickness is not something that can be achieved with diet and exercise alone; it’s about having good muscle tone, which comes from strength training.

Thickness is not something that can be achieved with diet and exercise alone; it’s about having good muscle tone, which comes from strength training.

A woman who has strong legs, hips, butt and thighs is considered thick. A woman with these characteristics will typically have a smaller waist than someone who doesn’t have these same characteristics. A small waist coupled with big hips creates an hourglass figure that most men find attractive.

Although it may seem like being thick requires lots of time at the gym and strict dieting, there are ways for you to get your body looking thicker without breaking a sweat.

Thick Women Are Women Who Are Sexy, Confident and Proud of Their Curves.

Thick women are women who are sexy, confident, and proud of their curves.

The term “thick” is used to describe a woman with a larger frame size and/or more curves. This type of body shape has been popularized by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose.

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one that seems to be on the rise: curvy women who embrace their bodies and love themselves for who they are. Thick women have been around since the beginning of time, but there seems to be more visibility today than ever before.

If you’re wondering what it means to be thick or how to embrace your curves, here are nine things thick women know about themselves:

  • They’re proud of their bodies. No matter what other people say about their weight or size, thick women know that their bodies are perfect just the way they are — even if society doesn’t see it that way! Thick women know that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, so they don’t feel the need to conform with society’s standards for beauty just because others might think differently about them.

Thick Women Are Those Who Are Not Afraid to Show Off And Flaunt Their Body Size.

Thick women are those who are not afraid to show off and flaunt their body size. They love themselves a little too much and want to get the world to see it. The term “thick” has been used as a compliment for years, but lately, there has been an influx of women claiming that they don’t like being called “thick” because it makes them feel like they have more weight than what they do.

The truth is, being thick doesn’t mean you are overweight or obese. It just means that you have some meat on your bones and don’t care who knows it! Thick women aren’t afraid to be themselves and if someone doesn’t like what they see then that is their problem!

In this day and age, people are so accustomed to seeing skinny models everywhere that when someone comes along who isn’t thin, some people automatically assume that they must be unhealthy or even unhealthy looking.

Not Only It Refers to A Tasty Meal, But Also To Women.

Thick is a term used to describe a woman who has a large body. It is also used to describe a woman who has large breasts or hips.

Thick women are often stereotyped as being promiscuous and lazy, but this is not always the case. Thick women are just as intelligent and talented as other women, they just might have a little meat on their bones!

There are many different types of thick women, including:

  1. BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) – This type of woman is usually heavier than average, but she still looks amazing in her clothes and out of them. She has a big butt and small waistline with bigger hips than most girls her age.
  2. BHM (Big Handsome Man) – This type of man is typically muscular and tall with broad shoulders and huge arms. He has an athletic build that makes him look like he could lift a car without breaking a sweat!

Thick Also Can Mean Physically Strong or Sturdy, Like A Thick Tree Trunk.

Thick is a slang word that can mean many things. It can be used to describe a person who has a large amount of body fat, it can mean something is dense or solid, and it can refer to something that’s very rich.

Thick also can mean physically strong or sturdy, like a thick tree trunk.

Thick is an adjective that describes something as being of great physical size or volume. A thick book has lots of pages and is heavy to carry around. Thick glasses have high magnification power so you can see things clearly when you look through them. Thick hair often needs to be styled with gel or mousse because it attracts static electricity easily.

A thick sauce will hold its shape when poured over food instead of dripping down onto the plate like watery gravy would do. Thick paint needs more coats than thin paint in order to cover all areas properly with one application of color.

A thick blanket feels warm and cozy on cold nights while thin blankets are barely enough to keep you warm at all during winter months.

A thick layer of snow covers the ground after a storm blow through town and blows everything off rooftops and out of yards into the streets creating white drifts everywhere before melting


Since many girls want to be skinny and big breasted, many girls see these models as the ideal body shape. However, magazines only show girls a few body shapes that are the ideal and most beautiful bodies in the world. They portray supermodels who have a specific body type, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook add to this idea of the “ideal” body shape by posting images of these women online. There is no such thing as one “ideal” body shape, but there are a variety of normal and healthy body types that can still be considered beautiful.

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