What Should American Businesses Know About Russia’s War on Ukraine

American businesses should be aware of Russia’s war on Ukraine. If your business is in any way connected to Russia or Ukraine, you are likely to be affected. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Russia has been waging a bloody war in Ukraine for over three years now.

  • More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict, and many more have been injured or displaced.
  • Russia has used indiscriminate weapons such as cluster bombs and incendiary weapons, which have caused extensive damage and civilian casualties.

Russia has illegally annexed Crimea and continues to occupy it.

  • Russia staged a fraudulent referendum in Crimea in 2014 in which Crimeans were forced to vote under Russian military occupation.
  • Russia continues to illegally occupy Crimea and has installed a puppet government there.

Russia is responsible for the downing of MH17, a civilian airliner that was shot down over Ukraine in 2014.

  • Russia provided the Buk missile system that was used to shoot down MH17, and has lied about its involvement ever since.
  • The deaths of 298 innocent people, including 38 Australian citizens, was a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if Russia had not interfered in Ukraine.

Russia has been using hybrid warfare tactics in Ukraine.

  • This includes using military force combined with propaganda and disinformation campaigns to achieve Russia’s objectives.
  • Russia has been very successful in using these tactics in Ukraine, and it is likely that they will be deployed elsewhere in the future.

Russia has been supporting the rebels in eastern Ukraine with arms and troops.

  • Russia has been providing the rebels with tanks, artillery, and other heavy weapons, as well as sending in Russian soldiers and mercenaries.
  • The rebels have been using these weapons to carry out indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Russia is violating the Minsk agreements.

  • The Minsk agreements are a series of ceasefire agreements that were negotiated between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 and 2015.
  • Russia has not been complying with its obligations under these agreements, which has resulted in continued violence and civilian casualties.

Russia is engaged in an information war against Ukraine.

  • Russia has been spreading lies and propaganda about Ukraine in an attempt to discredit the Ukrainian government and justify its actions.
  • Russia has also been targeting the Ukrainian population with disinformation campaigns in an attempt to sow discord and instability.

Russia has been very active in cyberspace.

  • Russia has been using sophisticated cyber-attack methods to penetrate Ukraine’s computer networks and steal sensitive data.
  • Russia has also been trying to hack into Ukraine’s financial, energy, and transportation sectors, with the goal of disrupting their operations.

In short, American businesses should be aware of the risks associated with doing business in Russia and Ukraine, and should take steps to protect themselves against potential threats. Cybersecurity services are essential for businesses operating in these countries, and businesses should make sure they have adequate protections in place to safeguard their data and operations.

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