6 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Dogs

If you have a dog, then you probably include it in special events during the year, such as Christmas. One way to show your dog it’s loved is by celebrating its birthday. Here are a few ways that you can have fun with this furry member of your family.

1. Cake and Treats

Just as you would for the people in your family, you should get your dog a pupcake or other tasty treats as well. There are bakeries online that allow you to customize cakes in designs that match your dog’s personality and that are made with ingredients that your dog might like. Cakes can usually be made with ingredients that are safe for certain diets as well. When you get the cake, you can light candles and take a few pictures before helping your dog blow them out.

2. Hats

If you plan to have a party for your dog or you just want to have a little fun with the family, you want to get a few party hats that everyone can wear. Make sure the hats for the dogs are small enough to fit on their head and that the straps aren’t too tight around the neck. You can make your own hats with felt and styrofoam if you want to add a little personalization to them.

3. Invite the Neighbor Dogs

No party is complete without guests. If you have friends or neighbors who have dogs, then invite them over for a party. You can serve cake and dog-friendly treats. Throw a few toys around the yard, or play a few games with everyone. Before inviting just any dogs to your home, you need to make sure your pet is comfortable with others and that the ones you invite to your home are dog-friendly as well. If you have the party in the summer, consider getting a small pool for the dogs to cool down.

4. Outfits and Pictures

You want to remember your dog’s special day. Get a few outfits that are suitable for your pet to wear. You can also dress up with your pet in a similar outfit. Take a few pictures of your dog, or have a photographer do a photoshoot of your dog and the family. This is a fun way to keep the memory of the day alive even after your dog is no longer with you.

5. Presents

Don’t forget the presents for your dog’s birthday. While your furry friend might not be able to unwrap anything, you could still get a few pictures of your dog sitting beside wrapped gifts. Try to get things that you know your dog will like, such as a new bed, a ball that he might have lost, and his favorite treats.

6. Decorations

While decorations might be more for the family to enjoy, your dog can usually sense that you’re making a fuss on his special day with all of the commotion and excitement. Banners on the walls are a good idea as well as balloons as long as they aren’t on the ground for your dog to pop.

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