Sheds vs Storage Units for Long Term Storage

Storage shed

Choosing where to store your possessions can be tricky for most homeowners. We all own some old boxes full of random things like tools, old bike parts, holiday decorations, and some memorabilia which we would like to hang on to – whether we need them or not. 

At some point, most homeowners end up with numerous possessions that take up too much valuable space, causing the need to consider searching for storage. When this happens, people have the option to choose between a storage shed or putting their possessions away in a rented storage unit, depending on their needs.

Shed vs. Storage Unit: Why Sheds Are Good for Long Term Personal Storage

When you intend to store stuff for a long time, putting it away in your backyard shed has better long-term benefits than storage units. Some of these benefits include:

  • Convenience and accessibility: Sheds are on your property, meaning you have quick and easy access to tools and other lawn and sporting equipment that you might need at any time. On the other hand, accessing items stored in your storage unit would require time and expenses.
  • Cost: When comparing a shed to a storage unit, sheds can be more expensive to buy or build initially than storage units. However, sheds prove to be great investments in the long term because of how long they last with little maintenance. You do not have to pay rent after your one-time building or buying cost, compared to a storage unit.
  • Security of your stored items: Keeping your valuable lawn and sports equipment, construction tools, and bikes, etc. under lock and key in your shed provides some security from thieves. However, you would be entirely responsible for the safety of the items.
  • Increases your home property value: Many real estate experts agree that a shed in your backyard is attractive to prospective buyers; it adds up to $20000 to your property’s value, should you decide to sell. Storage units, however, add no value to homes.

Do You Need A Shed or Storage Unit in the Short Term?

Choosing between a shed or a storage unit for short term storage raises different criteria for consideration by homeowners.  From an economic point of view, sheds are not great for short term storage as compared to storage units because:

  • Cost: Homeowners in the middle of moving or in need of temporal storage for various reasons are better off renting storage spaces to avoid the high price involved in the initial buying or building of storage spaces.
  • Security: Having essential items that need storage in the short-term requires some protection that a shed cannot provide. In contrast, many storage holding units have CCTV installed on their premises with security guards patrolling. As such, you paying to secure your items is safer and better than risking their exposure in your shed.

Final Call: Shed vs. Storage Unit

Both sheds and storage units have unique benefits that they provide to homeowners—settling on which option best suits you will ultimately depend on factors like the storage length and the items you want to store.

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