How to Keep Your Anxiety Under Control During This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be one of the most memorable during the entire year. There are family gatherings and holiday parties for work during normal years. This year is likely to be far different due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There is already a heightened sense of stress throughout the country at this point. You need to keep your schedule reasonable instead of trying to take care of everything. Not everything has to be perfect as long as your family is together. It is perfectly fine to decline certain responsibilities if you know it will impact your mental health negatively. The following are tips to keep your anxiety under control during this holiday season. 

Keep Your Alcohol Intake in Check

The holidays are full of alcoholic drinks but you need to keep your drinking under control. There is heightened anxiety when you are hungover which is nicknames hangxiety. Try to minimize this by consuming water in between your drinks and make sure you are eating. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have a good time, just be aware of how much you have had to drink. Family arguments tend to spring up after a few drinks which will only add to your stress and anxiety the next day. 

For those that know they will drink too much, consider having a sober holiday. Being able to enjoy the company of family and friends should be your priority. Nobody wants to be that family member that made a fool of themselves as people will joke about it for years. 

Don’t Put Yourself in Financial Peril Buying Gifts 

2020 has been a struggle for so many people financially. This is not the year to splurge on gifts if you simply cannot afford them. Expecting another stimulus check from the government is not something that you should do. You need to expect that the stimulus package will not pass due to politicians playing with the livelihood of citizens. There are a number of affordable gifts that you can find online if you shop around. Looking for discount codes is important as you could pay far less simply by searching around the internet for a few minutes.

Consider Supplementing CBD 

CBD can be a great way to help manage anxiety along with other ailments. CBD gifts & bundles can be an affordable way to help reduce the stress of yourself and your family. There are so many options online but you have to look for quality brands. There are a few ways to use CBD including orally, topically, or you can even cook with CBD oil if you choose to do so. CBD has also been found to help with depression which is extremely common during the holidays. Seasonal depression is far more common than many people think as it plagues people around the world. 

As you can see, there are ways to combat anxiety during the holidays. There might be a family member that causes you immense amounts of stress. Understanding this can help you instead of being surprised that it happens year after year.

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