Do You Really Need a Lawyer When You Can Get Hurt at Work?

Do You Really Need a Lawyer When You Can Get Hurt at Work?

After receiving an injury at work, there are several steps you need to take in order to get justice. Even though your employer may seem adamant about helping you, you can’t rely on them to have your best interests at heart. They need to protect their business, too. A lawyer can help you understand what steps you need to take following an injury. Here’s why you need a lawyer when you receive an injury at work.

1. Figure Out the Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork involved when you’re injured at work. Not filling out the right forms or filing them on time can impact whether or not you receive compensation. A lawyer can help you find the right documentation, figure out what it all means, and then show you where to sign. They can also help you by making you aware of where you need to deliver the paperwork and when.

Your lawsuit may be dismissed if the paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly or on time. Working with a lawyer covers your bases and ensures the paperwork is flawless.

2. You’re Up Against Corporations

No matter what type of business you work for, you’re going to be faced with some of the best business lawyers in the industry. These are lawyers who have made it their life’s purpose to help businesses save money. Part of that is by limiting or dismissing worker injury claims.

You don’t want to rely on your own basic knowledge of the law against them. Using a lawyer ensures that your needs are heard. It ensures that your voice is heard. Work injury lawyers have experience in dealing with lawyers who represent businesses.

They know what common strategies they use and how to prepare you for them. When it comes to something as important as getting you the money that you deserve, you don’t want to take chances.

3. Avoid Mistakes

Without the advice of a lawyer, you may not know whether or not you should visit the doctor. The answer is always. Even if your injury is minimal, you should still get it checked out by a doctor. This gives documentation that you were treated for a workplace injury.

Without it, the company can say that your injury wasn’t severe enough to warrant a certain amount of compensation.

A lawyer would tell you to visit the doctor and obtain documentation for doing so. They can also help you avoid other mistakes that might cost you the full amount of your compensation.

4. They Can Help You Figure Out Documentation

The court needs proof. You need to know what you should document. Your lawyer can help you figure that out. In regards to an injury, you need to document the injury and the location in which it took place. If the company has video cameras, then you should have someone that you trust to obtain the camera footage showing when and how the injury took place.

Your visit to the doctor should also be documented. Pictures of them treating you and what the injury looks like before and after their care is important. The more proof that you can provide, the better you’ll fare in court.

Trust an Injury Lawyer Today

Having a lawyer at your back can help provide direction, support, and answers. They can make all the difference between missing out on your compensation and receiving it in full.

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