The impact of marijuana during the course of pregnancy or breastfeeding

The impact of marijuana during the course of pregnancy or breastfeeding

Till now there is no safe exposure level as far as marijuana pregnancy and breastfeeding evolves. If you are above the age of 21 years it is termed to be legal. But in no way marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is suggested at the same time.  The simple fact is that just like you should not drink or smoke when pregnant; the same thought process applies to the use of marijuana as well. You need to discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and ask them to stop the use of this drug. There are a lot of toll-free numbers in operation for your help as well. click site

  • Just discuss with your doctor if you are using marijuana for medical purposes. For sure there are other medical choices in terms of safety to cope up with various problems during the tenure of pregnancy

The smoke of marijuana is equally bad for the mother as well the baby.

  • The simple reason is that you are likely to come across the same set of chemicals that is incorporated in tobacco. You will find that most of the chemicals do cause cancer. For this reason, do not allow anyone to smoke it around you or the baby as well

The use of marijuana during the course of breastfeeding

  • As per medical experts the mothers who are breastfeeding would need to stay away from marijuana on all counts
  • It has been found out that breastfeeding has an equal set of benefits for both the mother along with the baby. The THC may get on to the breast milk and then have an impact on the baby as well. click to read more
  • As the THC is incorporated in the body fat, you are likely to find it in your body for a considerable period of time. The body and the brain of a baby are incorporated with a lot of body fat. As the THC is being stored in them for a considerable amount of time, the simple fact is that you should not use marijuana when you are breastfeeding or during the stage of pregnancy.

The use of marijuana during the course of pregnancy

If you use marijuana when you are pregnant it may harm the baby. There is a chemical THC that is the main component in this drug that gets you on a high. When you use this drug during the course of pregnancy it passes on to the baby. It does make it quite difficult for your child to learn and pay attention to small things as well.  This is all the more so when he is at school and makes it difficult for him to do well in school as well.

There is another school of thought that suggests that eating this drug would be much better than smoking it. Though there does not arise any formal smoke with it, the content of THC is still there on the higher side as well. find more info

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